Spectacular 2D Entry: Viktor Titov


Very impressive, the lighting is spot on. Keep up the good work.


Hey cool idea! The latest update is very nice. I like colors of the daylight version.

On this concept picture you showed verygood the speed in the scene. It feels like the camera is moving backwards and the horse close to the viewer make the picture more dramatic I think. Maybe you can use that in the new version too? Just an idea.


makaron - Thank ! It was the best day in my life :slight_smile:

asparta - I am flattered, but i’m only study :slight_smile:
beelow - Thanks dude !!! :bounce: :slight_smile:

Is-boset -
Baron Impossible - I am very glad for that you have found in my work so much good

M. Baumann Thanks for remark !very cool idea !!! I necessarily use it in the subsequent work ! THANKS !


The pict quoted by M.Baumann is the best, to me. Funny and really dynamic (excellent sketch of horse !)
Keep it up.


awesome concept, made me laugh. Also love the chaos you have captured with the dragons flailing wings and limbs. He still looks like he’s enjoying himself even with a mouthful of dirt!


It’s awesome! :smiley:


omg that hampster is priceless… i love the pose it has jumping in on that dragon!


Hi, just want to say thats so cool!


any change for an update soon? or are you still on your honeymoon… :stuck_out_tongue:

let your hamsters go to war… haha…


Arctis - thanks! I try to save dynamic of that pic in next updates

I’m so glad to see your comments! :bounce: THANKS and good luck to you all !:slight_smile:

makaron - Yeah! I am still on my honeymoon… :slight_smile: But…



here is the hamsters at war ! 8)


love the dragons eyes… :bounce: and the hamsters are just unbelievable funny… :wip:


Hi! That’s just great! Excellent colors! The magnificent dynamics looks like a shot of a movie!
Только одно замечание. Лошадь со всадником вносят путаницу в масштаб изображения, кажется, что хомячки слишком огромные, либо лошадь и всадник очень маленькие.


makaron - Thanks my friend ! :slight_smile:
Atris - Thanks buddy !!! i try to fix that problem, maybe I scale up the horse,:slight_smile: or just erase it… :twisted:


personally i like the moonlit scene more, but thats just my opinion :slight_smile:

i love the style, looking forward to more details and hashing out.

keep it coming


This one is starting to develop great stuff, I love the humor in this one!:smiley:


Shadow Seraph - thanks! i like that one too 8)

beelow - thanks man I shall try to not spoil this one:)


Good idea and good colors!:slight_smile:


Your painting looks cool.I like the expresion on the dragons face when he eats dirt.


Haha, this is awesome :thumbsup: