Spectacular 2D Entry: Viktor Titov


Can’t really say much, other than ‘excellent’. Great colour and sense of humour, and I love the hamster!



Simply hilarious! Good stuff.


2 makaron YES ! your little guiena-pig will be on the battlefield ! :bounce:
I yet haven’t thought up where exactly but I shall try to represent her more expressively :buttrock:
[size=2]Jose Pardo[/size]
[size=2]Thanks for yours [size=2]Responses ! :slight_smile: [/size][/size]
[size=2][size=2][size=2]I shall try to look something new in colour and compositions



Super Stuff !:bounce:



Great work matey. Definitly one of my favorites so far :thumbsup:


Haha! The hamster is hilarious, it made me laugh! Also love the dragon! This is definately a keeper! The colors is way better in this one than the night-time one!

Really great job doing such a spectacular and action oriented image and still manage to pack all that humour in it too!

Good luck!


Great sense of humor in your artwork. It is coming along nicely! Great job.:thumbsup: :applause:


looks even better now in daylight :slight_smile: and the hamster is the iceing on the cake :bounce: cute little fighter that one… :thumbsup:


Hey good work! Some nice lighting going on there. Looking forward to the details…


great work so far, funny concept. i’m looking forward to see the development :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


hehe this is pretty cool! :smiley: nice work!


This is cool. These colors are great!!. I only comment is if the Dragon is suppost to be drunk then it’s hard to tell. Maybe if his eyes looked drowsy? Someting where one eye is almost shut and the other looks drowsy but he’s trying really hard to open it like his eye brow is up but his eye lid is limp?


WOW ! Did not expect to receive so much responses about the work,i am surprised ! :bounce:
Lady Medusa
tAsty BITs
Thanks to all of you !!! :slight_smile:

thank for advice tAsty BITs … I shall necessarily try to exclaim surprise and bewilderment in his sleepy drunk eyes :rolleyes:


Hahaha! Greate characters you got here! The light and the color are brilliant! Well done! I like your idea very much!


Hahaha:cool: it is very ridiculous! :thumbsup: Especially flying hamster! :applause:
On color & light all is normal! :slight_smile:
Good luck! :thumbsup:
Yours faithfully LexLe


PELENG Thank you so much ! 8) i will wait for update of your work :slight_smile: !

LexLe wish Good luck to you too :thumbsup:

Hehe ! Tomorrow I marry, on the girl of my dream… Marina :rolleyes: :scream: :bounce: :love: so updatings will be only after Monday :slight_smile:


loads of congrats… :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: have the best time ever… :bounce:


I’m amazed…this is realy original idea…and i can see you are skillful in drawing!


Cool azz image dude, nice expression on the dradone again!:thumbsup:


Hey, great work, the ambient and ligths are very realistic and the funny characters, give to your draw a fantastic style. i like it!