Spectacular 2D Entry: Viktor Titov


I have decided to add some dramatic moment in the work… here is the result of drunkness 8)))))
maybe name it - “dragon crash” ???


very cool facial expression and excellently portrayed action :thumbsup:



lol… nice sketch… keep it up! I’ll wait for new updates!:thumbsup:


Nice work. I like the face in all of the shots. Nice to see someone else doing things a little more cartoony. The body is a little more unclear in this view… It’s hard to tell what parts are limbs, what are arms and tail and legs… maybe if he had a bit more meat on his bones, a thicker mid-section, more load-bearing wings… anyhow, just an idea… Either way, should be a lot of fun. Good luck with it!



Thanks ! and a big piece of luck to you alll ! :bounce:

I’m just solving a problem of a meat, tail and wings… maybe I shall change all composition,
now I dont know… :slight_smile:


it looks really funny…nice to see someone lighten up the situation here :thumbsup: no comments right now only drooling:drool: :drool: good luck!:deal:


hahahaa!! XD the expression on the dragon really made me laugh! That’s neat.

I really like the perspective and how the dragon’s body is getting smaller… Really good!

good luck!


Here is update 8)))


haha…I like the idea, very funny. Keep it up!

Ralf Stumpf


Sweet entry, Viktor…and this last updates of yours is fantastic. Looking forward!



Very big thanks for your comments! i try to keep it up :slight_smile:


Beautiful colouring in that last post. Love the figures in the foreground - especially in the earlier sample. mwah.


dies laughing Oh, this is spectacular AND spectacularly funny!


whoa~both the day and nite approach are great~not sure how to describe but boht of these gives a different impression.love the movements on the last one:thumbsup:


LOL, this should be an interesting entry, keep up the good work dude, will drop by later to see how this develops, holla!:smiley:


This is great! Excellent lighting, and a great sense of movement! Humor a plus!



THANKS ! I shal take figures from the earlier sketch, and also add new.
maybe there will be furious and armed up to teeth [font=Verdana]hamsters :twisted: sent by Lord Duke in a pursuit of a dragon
… maybe :bounce: [/font]


furious and armed up to teeth [font=Verdana]hamsters :bounce: yeah, that´s my style… take a look at my avatar and my own little guiena-pig with his lightsaber… he can be the general of that army… :p[/font]

anyway, your image is coming along fine… hope to see an update soon :slight_smile:


One of those cool guys has appeared
I have again decided to change colour

I dont know, in a correct direction I move whether or not?


absolutely hilarious !!
A good thing to have change the color, it’s more in the ambiance of your picture.
Great posing also.