Spectacular 2D Entry: Viktor Titov


this is beyond cool! I trully hope you win the challenge:D :thumbsup:


hey boy u r the my winnerrrr…i dont want to belive this…but u r the winner in my pov…
with best wishess
(ineed a copy of prient:bounce: )


to bad you didin’t win, i at least expected you to be one of the winners. But it’s still a great image and my personal favourite :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


This is the Best 2D Spectacular Entry. this shoud have won, or at LEAST came up as a runner up.


Hey, Victor. I also think that your entry should have been among the winners. This was one of my favorites.


привет, Виктор. Я тоже был почти уверен что эта работа займёт призовое место.
Очень странно что этого не случилось.


It’s a complete mystery to me why you didn’t make #1, or at least one of the runner ups. You’re not even in the honorable mentions :curious: You are my #1 :slight_smile:

I hope you still post high resolution version.


Yours was my fave too man, must be pretty disappointing result. At least it made it to the CG choice gallery! :slight_smile:



I really thought you would get a prize for your work. I was some what suprized at the results. Keep on keeping on!


I sincerely not understand that you don’t have be the winner, runner up or honorable mention, :sad: but you are can be sure. You are the winner. Your scene is the one of the best and one my favorities. CONGRATULATIONS!! :beer:


ok …u knw wat.
the judges probably lack a sense of humour. Oh maybe just can’t laught out after analysis too many great submission artworks for days & months.

you are doin a perfect spectacular job dat only a few of the contestant can sqz out.

Remember u got a piece of mastermind!..Indeed a humour one dat hard to catch the moment!

This Art is way difference than the rest. It deserve something else better than the announced winners. Nothin i can’t present to u here.

Check here. a 360degree of salute! Splendid work!

Good luck in somedays… Viktor! (Victory will follow u!~)



I just want to say that I was also surprised that you were not among the winners. I like it on many levels; but most of all, I like how you managed to include humor into a spectacular event.

Good luck on the next competition.


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