Spectacular 2D Entry: Viktor Titov


Lovely. Il like light on the lead warrior.


Its Fan!
Super work!:thumbsup:


great tehnics!! SUPER!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
very Spectacular! :slight_smile:
I press strong yours Hamster paws :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


:bounce: GOGOGO HUMSTER!!! I believe you can win! Just don’t stop now after all these sleepless nights! I really admire with your skills! wish you a best of luck!


go hampster, you can do it! :slight_smile:


4 hours mate. get a move on and make with the final! this is great and you better finish it.


On pursuit of the dragon who has run away from the castle on the last week, has gone the king of hamsters, sigizmund fourth… Having taken with itself of the most true soldiers…
(Samurai a Hairy Ear, The mighty soldier Great Tooth, fearless and brave
Hamsterfly and one big squirrel the Equestrian)
On hearings reaching of the other kingdom, the dragon was noticed near to the castle where he stole binge from the destroyed warehouse…
All subsequent events you see on an engraving of 16 centuries executed by the unknown author 8))) Viktor Titov


This is brilliant. I love the light-heartedness. I love the colours. I love the painting style and lighting, the expression on the dragon. It is truly brilliant. One of the best, even! :thumbsup:



best of luck to ya on a spectacular image!:thumbsup:


Congrats Viktor - It’s awesome! Maybe even my favourite! :slight_smile:


Hi Viktor!

Congratulations on finishing your great concept:thumbsup:
You have a marvellous eye for characters :bounce: (face of the dragon is just great)
Good luck!


haha rightclick save as, love the piece, one of my all time fav’s! congrats on this fantastic finnish, and best of luck on the judgments, your work kick ass rocks!!! :buttrock::beer:


Really an impressive work, i’m speechless. Congratulations and good luck :applause: :applause:


:scream: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: AAAAAAAAAA!
Ay!Ay! Cool! Rool!!!
Fantastik FAN! I lave you! :bounce: End it you work!:buttrock:
V shoke!
Thanks-has made happy!


It’s really great that you got your pic done in time! Incredible work! I’ve never seen before the other piece done with such expression and greatest fun at the same time. Your skills are really amazed me!
Ïðÿì ïîäûõàþ îò çàâèñòè! :argh:


This is indeed a amazing piece of work! Love how you put the speed movement in the grass. Dragon is awesome, fantastic character. Great little details. You’re in my top 5… :applause:


Hi Victor! :slight_smile: Congrat’s on finishing! The excellent work!:thumbsup: Nice work!!
:thumbsup: :bounce: Amazing painting skills! great tehnics!!very Spectacular! Very Humor Spectacular! :applause:
I’ve come just to wish you a good luck in judgment process!
Go to Victory! :thumbsup:


hey budy finaly time is arrived for diclar the winner…and i belive you r in the list:thumbsup: …aamezing work dude…after this comptition i want a poster from you is’t possible…am daying to have this work with me…:bounce:


you did it in time… :applause:

and your little warriors is a [color=yellow]spectacular bunch of critters… :bounce: [/color]



Hi! The magnificent painting! Your work strikes by realism in spite of the fairy-tale story! Congratulations on a job very well done! I wish you good luck in the next stage! :slight_smile: