Spectacular 2D Entry: Viktor Titov


I´m really looking forward to see this image with all its finishing touches.
I can´t really explain why but I love this image. :thumbsup:

may the “drawing-force” be with you, dude!




Excellent work!:thumbsup:

Funny, all the creatures are characterized, lovely lighting/colouring,composition, perspectives and landscapes…

The foreground grass may need a touch or two, and leave the castles alone, there in the background, and are just fine.


I love that bkgd!


Your concept is excellent and very dynamic! Small creatures are very funny!
There are lots of details very good. Simply, I like !!
And thanks for your post!
Good Luck!!


The little castle on the left is fine, maybe the castle on the right needs a touch or two, i’d make the wings first if you run out of time. The grass is good i think.


wow~very clear image! cool~ :thumbsup:


I really can feel~


Ahahaha, i miss this thread mate. Cool funny and well done, congrats


Hope you upload the final in time. Your pic is one of my favorites! Good luck pal!


Excellent work! I just love the distant castle and mountains.


Good work, very funny image!:thumbsup:


This image really came along. I always liked the concept but the angle always seemed a bit too tight to really explain what was happening. Now it looks wonderful. Great work and good luck.


wow cool I like it :bowdown:


Nice stuff so, far one of my favorite images, good luck Hamster!


Amazing… Great concept, great lighting, great render… I think I’ve wrote this alread, but I can’t help to write it again :bowdown::drool: Amazing. Can’t wait to see it finished. And HURRY UP, the time is almost UP!


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Cheers, great respects, and best wishes to all ! I am so grateful for your support and
advices :beer:
I still hope to finish work up to a desirable level… 24 hours of time gave me the chance…
thanks ! :slight_smile:


THIS IS HILARIOUS!..neva tot the brave dragon can be so clumsy cute~~~

i hope to see it smash his head on the castle next time~. something like bad landing…haha


Hi! I represent to you, his majesty, hamster-king sigizmund fourth ! 8)




Cool man just Kool. You’ve got my vote like how it all played out.