Spectacular 2D Entry: Viktor Titov


Viktor Titov is entered in the “Spectacular Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: dragon crash


It only the drunk dragon who has run away from the castle, two weeks ago… By the way, he has broke all possible rules of air safety 8)))


funny concept… :thumbsup:


just tests of color… I think to make night variant too


2 makaron Thanks :slight_smile:

I hope will be even more funny in process :buttrock:


good start! :slight_smile: good luck! :thumbsup:


I have decided to change a composition a little… That has turned out 8)))


Yeah! thats what Im talking about!

Love the action and such a low view looking right up into it all,sweet.:cool:

I’ll be watching this one.
good luck


Hi, Viktor! I like the mix of global idea and humor. Well done & good luck!
I’ll wait for update!


Hi Viktor! I like your new variant! Great composition! And a unexpected story! And certainly magnificent drawing! Good luck!


sweet angle, good job



Hi, Viktor =) I like colors & composition - very spectacular! I shall observe of your work) Good luck!


LexLe - thanks ! good luck to you too !

IKIN - Yes I too have thought that such view will be better :slight_smile:

PELENG - hi ! global idea - souds good 8))) … update not far off 8)

Atris - I am flattered :slight_smile:


Great concept. Maybe he could be knocking over some vendor carts.


hey - great style- is the dragon drunk . . .


I really like the humoursitic twist you put on your dragon! LOL

A drunken dragon, I never think of that =0)

Good luck!

I look foreward to see your final version. Goos job so far!

Good luck! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


omg this is too much fun!! i’m loving it! and i like this new perspective much better, it’s very dynamic! oh wow, i really want to see this finished! fun!


HI !!! Squibbit , k-tim, ChrisThatGuy, W!L, cyberarts, Naomi,

Thanks all !!! :slight_smile:

Yes! there will be the turned vendor carts,:twisted: the falling walls of a castle,:twisted: running in a panic peoples :scream: And all the most fascinating , I promise 8):buttrock:


this image are leaving a big smile on my face :bounce:


Goofy cool kind weird, but I love it so far nice angle to attack this contest with. Keep it up.