Spectacular 2D Entry: Tolgahan Gungor


I’m glad you stuck with this concept, and man does it look amazing. I can’t wait to see the progress on this:bounce: .


amazing stuff from you again! :thumbsup:


Hey Tolga, it looks cool!

I’m not 100% sure what’s going on in the pic though … there’s a city on each side, a waterway that’s having it’s water pushed back revealing debris at the bottom. That big foreground element in the sky … not sure if it’s stationary and sort of linked to the bridge thing, or if it’s a huge spaceship that’s breached the atmosphere and only just managed to pull up and avoid crashing?

Undeniably an interesting composition though, lots of potential! :thumbsup:


Hello Tolga!!
feeling a bit like Speaky and can’t see for a 100% what’s going on,but it seems total chaos and it rocks!makes us curious what wil happen.
Liked the carcrash 2, although I think the camera was a bit to close to the action.
The tides really rocked :bounce: and i think there was a lot of potential in this concept with upper and downtown’s(why not some kind a revolution from the downtown filled with the poor to the up town,just brainstorming on what i just saw,hi,hi)
Anyway,great skills you got there and I really liked your work in the last contests and I sure be’ll hanging around here!!!
Keep on rocking and have fun!!!
(sorry for my english)


just enjoying this…love ur work…


sweet stuff, looks like another pic coming with insane details … :thumbsup:




Some of the things are not clear due it is sketch. What I want to do is; there is a ship enter the atmosphere then falls down. It goes over the city while falling down. Crashes the high-rise buildings then goes over the water. Water affected from the ship because it so huge. When water drew back an old city comes out through inside of the water.
( or another idea is tides )


Very spectacular indeed! Love the colour scheme as it is with all those warm tones.
Good luck!


Sound’s really huge!!!


… no words… impressive !


Pretty damn impressive Tolga! How are the colouirs going to work out? Are you going with the reds? :slight_smile:


wow Tolga this is really wonderful! I love the lighting great work! Good luck with the rest of you prgress! :smiley: :thumbsup:


Oh man, still the master, eh? The last composition has an almost endless depth, and really captures something hugely spectacular.




WOW that’s amazing! awesome sketch, cool concept, this is going to be great!


Hey tolga,

a very action packed sketch. :thumbsup: Still a bit rough but the thumbnail image gives allready a good impression.

rock on:buttrock:




Instantly sold on the “old city uncovered underneath the water” part. Truly spectacular idea!
I’m curious how you’re going to show the “coming in through the atmophere” part - if something that big is that close to the ground coming in through the atmosphere, I think everything in a 20 mile radius would already be blown away, but I’m not too sure how much realism you’re trying to get in that sense (not really important but I had to find some critism here ;)).
Great job man!


Thanks for all comments…


owww:eek: this is realy spectacular……keep rocking


interesting concept… nice colors:thumbsup:


Good story but I dont like a visiters.The tides is more beatiful than the other concepts.:smiley: