Spectacular 2D Entry: Tolgahan Gungor


dude, u rock!!


It’s too chaotic I dont like the latest sketches.is it sketch or WIP works.?


Scary. Good comp and colors. The energy in the brush strokes is great…try not to lose it. Excellent!


The ferocity of your sketch is just awesome. Good luck to you!


you are trying to find better ideas, no? I would get to hung up on you sketches you may get bored and not want to do it anymore, unless you are enjoying the sketching, keep at it!:thumbsup:


the color intensified more and more each time u post~i love the last one!keep it coming tolga:scream:


Tolgahan…wow…last concept evolves so great …this really has so much more potential and power. :thumbsup:

Please continue…:wip:


agree with BublePotatoeHead… “power” is the masterword here… impressive and expresive feeling about this pic… I’m bit afraid to imagine the final picture :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: hahaha… congrats Tolga :thumbsup:


I am loving this composition and the colour tests are looking cool…the second of the 3 latest is my favorite…:thumbsup:


Thanks … KITTNLITTER , enialadam ,
:cry:I am confused Dont know what to do… I will trying do more sketch for this
challenge :cry:

Sheep Factory … saolasın sanada başarılar koydugun calısmayı kaldırmıssın :surprised

DimitrisLiatsos … I am still confused …

Lemog …thanks lemog dont bang head …

element5 … I should be more sketches

Titanix-Avalon … thanks you


Good luck!)


I think I decided to make the crashing scene…the other seemed to be far away from the subject…:cry: :cry: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:


Good luck, -tolga- and be patient. Sure you´ll do an excellent work ( I´ll say the same thing to myself:D )



I hope you stick with your last sketches, they seem more original then the crash and the view you have given us is truely spectacular and seems like it will effect the future (if it where to happen) and I think that fits the topic perfectly. This is just my opinion about it though, maybe you see it differently. Hope you decide on whatever you feel comfortable with.


I agree with ace i kinda like where the visitors welcome WIP is going, love the colour scheme. Tho maybe you can experiment with the crash scene one more and if it doesnt seem to be working can always go back to this idea. Good luck with the challenge!


yep composition finished


composition finished ( later I will change the colors )


Spectacular work.


Tolga, I drown in your artistic craft. It is so beautiful. This composition is going to be a spectacular event to watch as you give it life to the final creation.

I can only hope that my entry can evoke as much power as these days of top notch work that you have produced.



So you decide to go with a previous concept, cool! you have about 80 sumthin’ days to decide what you are going to do so take your time no hurry! I will keep an eye on your thread, that is a definite!:thumbsup: