Spectacular 2D Entry: Tolgahan Gungor


color tests


This sketch looks really amazing and quite spectacular. You know what to do!!! Good luck!:thumbsup:


WoW!! This look incredibly spectacular!

The colours work beautifully. And the perspective really adds to the drama!


It’s great. I love it. Prefer the red one.


Yup! The most promising sketch. Very dramatic. As regards the colors I would prefer the red one. The yellow color of the thumbnail divides the picture in two half.



A little similar on " Last day Pompeii " Bryullov


I just saw wonderful piece… of art… Its very inspirational.thanks :smiley:


yop my friend !

nice mood and colors as usual !
ambiance as “the end of the world” !
you’re in way to make a big hit one more time ! trust me:thumbsup:

love your destruction concept !

see yaaa and good luck

French jedi

in valiant heart nothing is impossible!

My master an Servants


thanks my friend by the way no destruction ıt s only retrieval…:smiley:


Looking good, Tolga! Glad to see you back, too!

For what it’s worth, I prefer the red composition to the yellow one. Partially because the red is more dramatic. But also because the ground isn’t red: The piece is less monochromatic and reads better. Good luck with it!



Though red might feel a bit more “generic” in the sense that end of the world pics like this usually have a red theme, it just feels so much more powerful than the yellow one. I’m sure that once the pic moves along, other colors will make it in to give it a super wow feeling, since it’s already wow. :slight_smile:


walrus … Thanks for your comments…:thumbsup:

aoisabaku …It s only sketches maybe I will change all colors thanks.


Hi Tolga! Good to see you in the challenge! I must say, that does look pretty spectacular!


wow! Amazing lighting and colours :slight_smile:


Evil Gerbil … hi jason nice to see you too.Are you join the challenge…?

enialadam … thanks :slight_smile:


welcome visiters :slight_smile:


basarilar Tolga!


color and composition


colors and colors


wowowow! Really nice sense of movement and the dynamics are great! The colours are really nice too! woohoo nice work!