Spectacular 2D Entry: Tolgahan Gungor


my first idea sketch.crashes on the Highway…


holly jezz.!thats devastative~cool sketch,keep
em coming~


eheheh…kabooom! This remembers me of that xbox (?) game in which you had to make the most spectacular crash with your car and the more damage you did the more you would get paid…very funny!!!


Wow, this already look really dynamic like some has stated :slight_smile: keep it up man :slight_smile:



already doing some great sketches I see… its already looking good but I hope for more and more from u! good luck!


Nice idea Tolga great sketch! Good luck to you!


dynamic sketch tolga :slight_smile:

good look and inspiration to you :thumbsup:


I will mess it up as much as i can :shrug:


hey tolga-han :scream: do something… spectacular, you can’t get wrong with that :stuck_out_tongue:
that foto is so cool, thanks for showing!


hahaha big bang headstart! wohooo, nice sketch!:buttrock:


Goodluck tolga – bol $ans
umarim bende biseyler cikaririm.


Goodluck brother! Hope you can finish your entry this time. Me also :slight_smile:
Abi bu sefer tamamlamak lazım yarışmayı. Kolay gelsin.


Good luck tolga, i’m glad to see you here


Good luck on this one… I’m sure you’ll finish this time!



Last time I had very very busy But I hope this time finalize my work…


Looks like it could be prrrrretty spectacular! Good luck!


hello my friend !

Nice to see you there for a new challenge !
i hope you’ll have time enough to finish !

be crazy !

French jedi

May the force be with you !

in valiant heart nothing is impossible!


welcome…oy …that photo…frickin awesome:eek:


Nice start Tolgahan :thumbsup: I will follow your progress with attention,
I loved your Space Opera entry :love:

Good luck :bounce:


excellent idea… I like the big crash