Spectacular 2D Entry: Tolgahan Gungor


(sorry my bad english)
Uou!, Nice big organic Bio-City… (or it seems to me like that) BTW, it would be a possible good 3d work. Good Luck!



small part of my concept


Wonderful technique Tolga, like the way you put the textures:thumbsup: and the light. About this detail perhaps I´d add more little wires but, anyway you´re working on it:)



maybe later …


Another major update… “when the small parts appear as great”… always incredible good work of you Tolga :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Have no idea what this last post is apart from a floaty building thing, but i love it. It looks so solid, the shadows are beautiful. Excellent work, Cant wait to see the rest of it finished.


ıt s a left part of my underwater city part…:buttrock:


I just love this last concept. Keep your amazing work Tolga.


composition tests


Really nice. I think it will look even better if you let the fish/monster really stretch the net to it’s breaking point, but as you say, this is only the composition sketch :slight_smile:

Also, try to put some human figures somewhere (for scaling purpose), and maybe add a little more foreground or something


Some promissing directions here.
Knowing your great sense of lighting and details, I’m curious to see the finished piece.
Good luck.


I will do more changes:scream:


Ah, I start to see how it’s all coming together. All I can say is, ‘Cool!’ Nice work, Tolga!



wow, your sense of geometry/perspective is amazing! I’d love to know how you arrived at those forms. Do you search them out from those scribbles? Nice job


i really like where you are taking this but maybe you can play more with the way the fish is trapped in the net… right now it just looks weird and hard on the eye. i hope that made sence :slight_smile: definatly one of my favs.


thanks for all comments.:slight_smile:


great, u r back! And u caught a spectacular moment for sure, at least it looks like it to me… is that some sort of giant fish caught into the net? If it is, I dig it :slight_smile:


Fantastic!!! I like idea very much, it looks great. I must say that you are already winner, because this is excellent. :slight_smile: Keep great working!


thanks for comments.Nınjassn… I am back but I have got a lot of school work and I cant spend much more time for this challenge:cry: but this time finishing my work.:lightbulb

Rawwad … thankss dude… :slight_smile:


wow ! nice dea ! It will be espetacular !