Spectacular 2D Entry: Tolgahan Gungor


OH my god!you piciture is very cool! love them much!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


detailed sketches
thanks for all comments


good work bro. keep going…

olum hadı buyuk olanı koyda gorelimm…


i like your concept :slight_smile: , very impressive.

Good luck anyway.


Great concept so far, waiting for the next update!:thumbsup:


Well, it’s all just way beyond excellent so far :bowdown:


just keep flooding us with ur sketches~marvelous as always!:scream:


You speak about “small details” ??? you’re crazy mate… these details are GREAT… not small details… :scream: hahahaha…

It’s a pleasure for all days to follow your work Tolga… :thumbsup:


love your stuff, but on the last one I think you loosing depth, that you have so well before
otherwise it’s brilliant, I admaire your stuff, hmm :slight_smile:


very nice work…i like the concepts of the tide on page 7 and 14 the most…
good luck


Tolga your work is always excellent! Good luck in the competition! :thumbsup:


wow!amazing detail!can’t wait for more.:buttrock:


[left]xric7 … Thanks[/left]

[left]jfelrod1960 … at this time you dont want to walk my scene :):scream: [/left]

[left]Stealth Pharaoh… Thanks…[/left]

[left]Korline… Thanks for your support[/left]

[left]Lemog … also yours is fine [/left]

[left]sh@ke … Thanks a lot [/left]

[left]JamesMK …also yours sketches is very good.I wonder your models[/left]

[left]beelow…Thanks beelow[/left]

w4y … Thank you very much


sorry for getting here so late…
this looks amazing!!!:bowdown: :bowdown:


tolga how many sketches and wonderful concept I didn’t commented here… I lost many many page until now… sorry !

I relly like the first concept of the “dead city” and on your last concept the colours are beautiful… the last sketch are amazing, love this kinf of contrast color between back and forground on the image… give a more deep impression !




As long as it is way before the tide hits! :slight_smile:


:):slight_smile: so you should swim the water… :slight_smile:


The guy must have wet his pants,))))) and no body must have known:O))))…
BTW. your concept is fab,I love the lighting specially,that image rocks! waiting to see more from ya…


Hi tolga, you’ve got nice ideas going on. Looking forward to see more, good luck!



Hi tolga. I lost more that i think. But i read all coments until now and i saw your work. I call that a really professional work. I love the colors, the composition and how express your drama in any sigle picture.
I like the the crashed city and i love also the car crash situation. The last one are beautiful but for me not at all intersting. I read your Concept but was no defined, i guess.

Just keep going into these deep city water problem.
I’ll very close to your nice work.

Good luck. And don’t work that hard. :deal:
xbo :scream: