Spectacular 2D Entry: Tolgahan Gungor


Tolga - This idea and its presentation is mind blowing! I love the lighting! :slight_smile:


yep, awesome , the water looks so cool!



awesome work my friend keep going…:thumbsup:


looking outstanding!


Thanks for all comments…


hit right on the theme~!great sketch tolga~:)


very impressive!!excellent update so far.:thumbsup:
good luck.:buttrock:


the tides action test


wave direction sketches…


NIce sketches, tolga, still hung up on what you want to do? I hope that you make a decision on what you are about to do! You have done nothin but amaze me with the quality of work that you are putting out!:applause:


I was following this thread closely, and since you was throwing ideas like machinegun I kept my opinion till I see something really amazing. And now its the time…

Last concept is just stuning! Awesome water flow and action and teror of ustopable tide. Awesome. Thou I dont know if i see it the way you paint it. I see habitat platform on a sea being destroid by gigatic wave. I would add a rescue chopter/hoovercraft and a lot of debree from platform, but that just me…

Its amazing how easyly you making greate atmosphere with few brush strokes… years of practise and a lot of talent.

Looking forward for your work :slight_smile:


That’s really impressive. One of my favorite so far.


Stayin’ on top of things I see Tolga…

Absolutely “Spectacular” as usual…keep it up


I think I see where Tolga is heading, the concept seems to become more strong with these later sketches. Lots of great visions, such as this city that celebrates the magnitude of collossal tidal waves as part of its day to day existence.

Absolutely poetic imagery Tolga!


those are mind blowing, they just getting better :applause:


Thanks for all comments…


wow! catastrophies r always spectacular for sure and this dynamic u achieved here is absolutely awesome! nothing else to say in this stage but I doubt that I’ll have something smart to say even later :thumbsup:


wow Tolga, so many sketches! Your working fast! I really like your ideas so far, they’re pretty spectacular!


Awesome sketches! First time I saw your finished composition, and it was really cool. I’ll be updating myself with your work. Keep it up, this’ll be great.


yeah,another great artist…some nice and cool stuff! this thread must xploade!