Spectacular 2D Entry: Tolgahan Gungor


Thats how we catch fish in Australia :slight_smile:

Nice idea, cant wait to see your progression,



:eek: :bounce: :eek:

Brilliant concept and design. The fishing vesels are sensational.

Spawning season’s become a bit more predatory. :buttrock:


good stuff, dude, the netted monster is a nice idea :thumbsup:



I like the direction your current concept is going. Very nice style, stick with it. I have a feeling It will serve you well.

This early in your work i have only a couple of things to say. Keep in mind your composition and lighting. Your objects are looking a bit similar in size. Keeping a distinct forground middle ground and background setup to help make it look that much more spectacular. Perhaps you can consider putting the viewer closer to the action. Lighting also be very important in highlighting the focal points of your image, as you probably already know being familiar with light and color yourself.

Good Job and good luck. I’ll keep an eye on this one. :smiley:


you bastard nice concept only crit composition which i see your working on is making the scene small even though the fish and structure are obviously supposed to be big
maybe a wider canvas or somthing i don’t know , but this has much potential i hope you finish.


Quoted for agreement. Get on with it! Doesn’t even matter what you end up doing here, it will be magically excellent no matter what, so please go on and finish this up in time.



I looked at all your concept sketches. There’s a good progression recognizable.
The monster really has to breathtaking that everyone is captured by
this spectacular scene.
good luck


not a monster its only small fish :):slight_smile:


Not lot of time to post here… normal… always no crits about your work… I’m always here and also always speechless… well, your work is incredible… progression steps are amazing… each update very impressive… I really love your art and your skills Tolga… I’m very curious to watch your final MasterPiece… really :thumbsup:


fish sketches


yo tolga good luck for your final image that you have to finish!! great skillz here continue:buttrock:


and u r back. great! produce some good stuff quickly, coz timeis running out. But I have faith in u and Im waiting for ur final piece in next couple of days :wink: The new fish concept looks funny and I think that it wouldnt fit well into the latest concept. I think something more scarry is needed :slight_smile:


coloring sketches


Hurry and get finished, good luck tolga! :slight_smile:


Nice work, Tolga. Cool concepts. I hope you can finish this on time.


Dude your cutting it close, best of luck!! :thumbsup:


i am very curios about the result. :beer:


that architecture is looking tight finish one


I’m not sure if I see this right, but did you drop the contest :cry:
that’s to bad, cause this was my #1 pick, and my favorite also,
just hope that you finish those wonderfull paintings of yours, and post them somewhere :bounce:
cheers and good luck
Jarek :twisted:


I’m very sad too… there’s here many starts of parts of project already very good… and even if you doesn’t have time in the end, I’m sure you could find something you can post without lot of work… all your drawings have a great quality… and even your rough, can appear as masterpiece…

I just hope you doesn’t have problem more serious…

…next challenge then, seeya Tolga :wavey: