Spectacular 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


Michael–thanks mate for always being here.:bounce:
Archie–haa…thanks alot buddy.i’ll be ok if another 2 projects next week go well.:deal: :stuck_out_tongue:
may the luck be with me.
thank everyone.good luck to you.cheers.:love: :buttrock:


love your last update, :bounce:
ur color is amazing :love:
in my little opinion it’s working, but I think for the different audience you may want to make it more visible, anyway great work, :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
nice to see you :slight_smile:


Hmm… i kind of like the vertical composition better. That one has more focus than this one. Love the colours, so put more updates :bounce: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

be back for more spamming :twisted:


Hey, I just saw your Lillith in Exotique’s page gallery. Congratulations!!

:applause: :wip: :applause:


Korline–nice to see u too.:bounce: thanks for ur comment and encouragement.meant a lot.

Archie–haa…in the latest update,i’ll focus on the face of the falling human(on the right human)
this piece i want to try on portrait and strange landscape.thanks for always spam me.will bomb ur tread when u sleep.:twisted: hahahahhaha.cheers bros.:buttrock:

SoniaNotRed–:cry: thnx a lot.and thanks ballistic too.this is my 1st time to be selected for the international artbook.but i saw my work among many beautiful works,my lilith was so ugly. :banghead: hope i can make the spectacular better.
oh…anyway,i’m wondered one of the artists from usa in the indext page look like my thai friend!incredible!!:curious:


I see that you have another epic image coming:thumbsup:
I knew that you were going big once more.
Keep it up.


nice image extension. i always did love those :stuck_out_tongue:

i started my image at 3600x4000 lol now its 5200x6000

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Yes, good to see you back in, I like that you have extended the comp! But, it may also take attention away from the focus of the piece, your call though anyways good luck!:thumbsup:


qwiet krazy, and the radical breaking of symetry is a brave step… lol, i still have no idea where you are heading but all details are funkee fresh and wild. so keep it up and burn em pixels mate, go, thitipon, go go go!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Congrat for Lilith to have been selected in the publishing mate!

This piece you’re doing is at least as intriguing as the previous one. I’m very curious to see the final result. You’re on your way to a special piece again!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Nice color work there. I’m really interested to see where this piece will end up. I know you will end up with something fantastic! Keep up the good work my friend!:thumbsup:



hey man,
I like that very much :love:
If you could kind of bring the focus more to the figure, mybe by blurring the sides around so would look like you were in the picture not just watching it
kind of like a zoom, or motion blurr and you’re in, I don’t know just thinking
anyway thats very cool
cheers :bounce: :scream:


I tried to design brahma suit shattering.the pieces of it blow like the flowers in the wind.
how you think.
crits are welcome.


pushav–thanks mate.hope I can manage to finish in time.:banghead: :banghead:

Slav–lol.:beer: hope it will not expand to 10,000.:wink:

beelow–yeh,u r right.I’lldo them both 2 version and pick the best one to submit final image.thanks for nice comment.cheers.

Sacha–haha.me have no idea too.:stuck_out_tongue: I’ll do full speed on it.only 12 days left.:cry:

thierry2005–:wip: thanks my friend.i’ll do my best on this piece.

TMArtist–thanks:blush: .I hope in the end,I’ll not make you disappointed.:arteest: cheers.

Korline–thanks for nice comment and suggestion.that’s realy helpful.:smiley:

thanks all.cheers.


Hey xric7… where were you??

Welcome back!!:thumbsup:


last line art.
I will post the coloring progress soon.


So i guess everything went well with school…? I hope it did. Welcome back buddy.
I love her pose. It’s so expressive. I love this piece and i can’t wait to see it finish bro.
This is going to be another masterpiece from Thitopon, hehehe.

be back for more spamming bro :twisted: :buttrock:


Maxter–lol,just back from hell.hehe.thanks for dropping by.cheers.:smiley:

archie–haha,my false.I pass the pre-thesis project but submit the title of art thesis lately so I must wait until the end of summer(June).:stuck_out_tongue: however everything is very good for me now.no worry buddy.I’ll do my best on this piece.thanks a lot.cheers bro.:beer:



Cool character. I’m looking forward to see how you incorporate it into your painting. Your colors are simply wild. I’m anxiously waiting to see how it turns out. Keep up the great work my friend.:thumbsup:


beautifull design! i love it! keep em comin!:slight_smile: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: