Spectacular 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


Hey xric… looking pretty darned fabulous this far, i love all those energetic brush strokes you’ve laid down as foundations. And I really like the abstract nature of it too… keep up the great work!


can’t really grab onto something to comment right now…it looks to good…waiting for more…guod luck!:thumbsup:


hey mate, came to see how are you,
where is the update :wip:
ok check back later, oh, and what I meant, “GD”, was graphic design, sorry about that, pece :smiley:


hey Dicruen, nice painting… remember that always I’m watching your work…:bowdown: keep it up buddy!! I’ll wait to see more!!:thumbsup:


hi there,:bounce:
thanks all for ur big support.till now i have no update.too manny school projects left.:banghead: :banghead: :cry: just finished only a project.:shrug: i’ll back around 17-20 oct.or maybe next month.srry.cheers.:love:
ps:Djampa[color=sandybrown],leave ur job and join the challenge:twisted: [/color]


ok man! can’t wait to see an update…GOOD LUCK with the school projects:thumbsup:


Thanks for the legend - I didn’t know that one.
Loved those sketches. I hope you’ll be back soon to show us the rest! :slight_smile:


Very cool and original stuff! :thumbsup: Keep it up!


just came to spam a bit and enjoy your visual insanity! hehe, this is so wicked, could get easily lost in it already on this stage for hours! keep up the great work mate!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Same here, just want to spam you more, hehehe. I see you’re still busy with school. Don’t worry, we’ll keep an eye on your thread and guard it :smiley: Spam it if necessary, HAHAHA.

Goodluck in school and see you soon buddy :wavey:


I really love your style xric, allways amazing


sawasdee krub! nice to see you here again!

Good composition. looking forward to see your worlk!:thumbsup:


I am patiently waiting for your next step.:thumbsup:


Dear God

My Eyes Are Like…yearning For More…this Looks Nuts

Keep It Up Budy


little update for human pose.
i’ll post another composition soon.
crits are welcome.thanks.


keep it going mate!i’m watching ur wonderful progress:)


OrO–thanks mate.I already failed one of them.I just knowed it yesterday.:banghead: :banghead: it’s very terrible for me.so only thing I could do is watching the movie.haha^^.and just relax by painting little update here.

SoniaNotRed–ha…some projects are not yet complete but i think i can manage to finih this piece in time.cheers.:arteest:

Sacha–thanks buddy.:bounce: cheers.

Archie–haha,thanks budy for spamming.I just failed one project already.haha.:drool: i passed one and 3 projects left.:argh:

ilusiondigital–thanks.i’m glad u love it.cheers.

tuck-Sawasdee Krub.have fun and good luck na krub.cheers.

pushav–thanks mate.
THE CLYKE-thanx.:slight_smile:

thanks all for support.cheers.:beer:


definatly a piece to look at … there are soo many things here… and the progress makes the image more interesting to look at. keep up the good work.


WOOHOO, you’re back. That’s awesome. sorry to hear about one of your classes. hope everything works well on that.
okay, the image looks great. I love the dramatic pose and the composition is great. Awaiting for more designing aspect. Will be back to spam more :twisted:

cheers bro and rock on :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


another composition.not much update.
crits are welcome.thanks.