Spectacular 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


Iam liking the look of the composition now! Good stuff!:thumbsup:


Jeez… that last composition is truly stunning. It’s way spectacular already… very very good work, Thitipon.


birdybear-thanks a lot.good luck to u too.:slight_smile:

Genesisa-thanks for ur comment.gl2u too.

Solo-thnks mate.u r great supporter.:bounce: will turn to work on this piece after 17th oct because i have many school projects for now.enjoy .:buttrock:


beelow-thnx.i will try to fix the pose of human falling from the Brahmanava(god spaceship)and will make the comp more interesting.

JamesMK-thnks alot.cheers.

thanks all for ur support.best luck to u.


HI man! how are ya? :smiley:
good to see you again.


lol…hi neoz,nice to see u too.wish i could see ur finished entry for this challenge.:twisted: hehe…joke.


hi there! once again a bit abstract huh? well, do that, do what u do best :slight_smile: ur m&s entry was spectacular, and this should be so as well! good luck!


I’m loving the design bro :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
put more…more…MORE!!! :smiley:


from my point of view it’s perfect I’m mean for avantgard GD, it’s very all what it needts to bee, but I think you need to think more about it as a establishing shot, that at least what I think, im a gd and I love it , and thank you for stopping :applause: :applause: :applause:


NinjaASSN-ha…thanks.i’ll do my best.:slight_smile:

Archie-thnks buddy.i’m sure i can’t be a good machine designer.i ever worked abuot it for one or two times only in my life.:shrug: what can i do.:banghead:
does enyone know the source of cool machine,space ship,mobile suit,robot…or some inspirational machine design? :cry:

Korline-avantgard GD?:blush: thanks a lot for ur comment.will try to fix all things soon.
thanks again everyone for ur big supports.best of luck.cheers.:bounce:


had to go and check you link, M&S
I’m not sure casue you have all the proportions and everything just perfect, and now I’m watching this master pice poster if it comes to graphic design, but this very limited comparing to concept design, anyway it’s good but I think you can do better
good luck to you whatever you whant to do
hmmm :love: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


yeah thats a very cool & expressive design … remembering your m&s entry im really courious how you’ll work this one out :smiley:


WOW! I love your designs for the character :eek:… brilliant stuff. Great silhouette, very powerful feeling. I really enjoy watching you take mythological characters and visualize them. Genious, man… can’t wait to see some more! :thumbsup:

Cheers, buddy!


Korline-thanks a lot for checking my m n’ s.hope this time i can do better than the last challenge.at least,i love the humanity concept(brahmavatar:my spectacular)more than the darkside concept(lilith:my m n’ s).:wise: thanks again for always be here my thread.take care :wavey: mate.

Vahn-thanks buddy.i curiiouse myselfe too.how can i visualize my though.:banghead: there too many things to fix.:argh:

artjunkie-thanx a lot buddy.much appreciate.now waiting for the time that i no need to worry about my school works and i can concentrate to the challenge.:wink:

thanks again everyone.good luck to u all.:love:


wow~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~the effect looks so amazing and fantastic,I am already ur big fans…:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :bounce: :applause:


weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-cked! wow, crazy piece. you simply rock mate, great progress, insane good! keep it up!


TR.HaDEs-hi…thanks a lot for dropping by my m n’s thread and here.much appreciate.:wavey:
Sacha-thanx a lot for your support buddy.cheers.:wip:

thanks everyone for big support.best of luck.:bounce: :buttrock:


Hey Thitipon. Great to see you in this competition. Come back again hu? Maybe this time you will blow some doors off. I see your getting your roughs in. Love your attention to detail and way out there ideas. I wish you the best in this one, and everyone else. I will come back later to see how your doing. Holler at ya later.


Wow! Subscribed :thumbsup:



Excellent updates. Your work is developing into something truly spectacular. I can’t wait to see more my friend. Keep it going.



Hey buddy!

I got this one ! Great idea, spectacular !!!

Brahman… good luck with that one :thumbsup:

Will keep track as usual, I am doing my 3D short movie, the conclusion of the animation corse… this is a crazy work, I start at 8 am and go to 10 pm even in weekends, will take it till february, man… it is a lot of work.
Will then go back to challenges and posting work here, by the moment I will be watching my friends here and helping out when possible.

Keep going, take care !