Spectacular 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


thank you for teaching mythology :slight_smile: we always want what we don’t have.


First, thank for your welcome, I’m so excited to be a part of this amazing community (finally) :slight_smile:

This is a very inspired peice, there are so many different aspects to the myth that you will have great freedom picking and choosing which parts you will incorperate. I can’t wait to see it progress, good luck ! :slight_smile:



Damn, I can’t believe I have read all of that lookin good, Nice sketch and nice concept! will check back, lata!:thumbsup:


what can i say …your concept si really spectacular and the story and documentation…wooow…u like the blend of colors you started using on the background and i can’t wait to see more…:thumbsup: good luck:drool:


thierry2005-hi mate,saw ur 3d entry already,realy great job.thnx for ur comment.good luck and have fun.

Slav-ha…thnkx:blush: cheers.

t3logy-thanks a lot.good luck.

calisto-Thanx a lot for support.sure i had to do many things to finish this piece.:banghead: cheers.

Shramír-thnks a lot.i’m glad u like it.

Korline-thanks a lot.cheers.

dork vodar-ha…yes,that make our dreams go on.:wink: thanks for dropping by.good luck.

esemiel-thnks a lot.i’ll try to update soon.cheers.

beelow-Thanks for ur nice comment.the full story(Tribhumi) is about 180 pages(a4). :drool:

OrO-Thanx for ur comment.cheers.

thanks all for big support.i realy appreciate.
take care.:love:


Worked on Brahma’s detail…
not much update.
crits are welcome.thanks.


That ain’t bad 180 pgs! I was just sayin’ that your post was long as hell, LOL! Nice Brahma painting!


Nice concept. At first I thought you were making up a new story about Brahma, didn’t know there was a buuhdist version. Can’t wait to see mroe updates.


dude the detail is geting great, and if may I say, from graphic design point of view,
that’s like text book, right on, I would like to see the whole composition more in the spectacular matter, so I guess I’ll wait,
but your colors and pretty much everything, are very strong, so I’ll check in a bit
cheers :buttrock:



WOW dude. Seriously. The concept is wonderful but just from the last two sketches, all I can say is WOW.

That color sketch, while only a rough and incomplete, gives the sense of serious intensity. The detailing on Brahma though… if its any indication of whats coming, this image is going to be incredible. Its not even done and youve already left an impression on me. Great work - J


now that looks promissing mate~great details~lets see how u lead this to


wow, impressive concept with deep and fantastic base. the sketches yet look very promissing and i look forward as always to see how you paint ithis up my crazy bro! keep on rocking mate!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


just stop by :wip:


Nice designing. Keep it up.


beelow-lol.Thnks mate.:smiley:

ace4016-ha…it’s original story from Buddhism Hinayan school.thanks.:smiley:

Korline-lol…yes,the text from my sketch book.i drew by pencil and scan and painted it…so that the name of my university.:twisted: hehe.thanks for support.cheers.

Mecha Hate Chimp-thanks alot for ur comment.i realy appriciate it.:slight_smile:

Michael-thanks mate.cheers.

Sacha-hi buddy,thanks a lot for ur support.cheers.:beer:


thank all for ur support.best of luck.


very in depth concept. i really like the design of your angel, its unique and beautiful. also interesting way you work, with such an expressive beginning. best of luck!


…composition no 1.
now trying for another poses of human figure and will post update soon.
crits are welcome.tia.


man i really like your concept . is great. you can use some fog and very cool lighting there when you start painting it. thanks for your comments on my thread. see you . great job you doing. good luck :slight_smile:


xric, you are doing it again!!! :smiley: kinda spooky, how you are able to bring your concept sketches to life. really admiring your talent, mate. :thumbsup: how long are you doing art again?

  • it looks very interesting at this stage, the composition definitly bears an epic feeling, however it’s kinda hard to judge yet. I will wait till you bring up the other one. :slight_smile:


inspiring stuff yet again xric~:thumbsup: