Spectacular 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


The sketches look awesome i’m sure it’s going to be one of a masterpiece work :wink:


Another sketch…cool. I like the idea bro. Interesting myth. would like to hear more about it and see what you come up with :thumbsup:

keep it coming dude. cheers


Michael-thanks.Manusa in Thai was from Sanskrit word.and many countries in SEA use Sanskrit too.:wink:

TMArtist-hi,buddy.nice to see u enter the challenge too.curious for what will come up with u.myth?:curious: I’m forever fan of chinese myths.good luck and have fun.cheers.:beer:


Gunilla-thnks a lot.

Yongkiat-thanks.I’ll do my best.good luck na krub.:slight_smile:

Archie-thanz buddy.glad u love the story.I will post next update and more story

thanks all.
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now you’re talking, I think i’ts gonna be great :thumbsup:


i would say more updates is in order :stuck_out_tongue: good work thus far.


Just love you’r sketches! Very cool idea you’ve got aswell. Waiting for ur final comp. sketch :slight_smile: Keep it up!


According to the myth, all Brahmas are most beautiful and flawless like the masterpiece of the great sculptor and youthful forever.They 're neutral,no male or female,and emotionless,never love or hate.They live so longer more than an eternity.

Brahma’s form is about 196,000 metre tall.His home are so far beyond heaven and the sun light cannot reach there but the Brahma’s land has no night time because the aura of god that always shines brighter than the suns.

Brahma needs no food and can use his god power to fly to everywhere,to see the past and foresee the future and even if to read the thought of each other.The eyes of Brahma can see all around.So…the image of the Brahma in art always be designed as 4-head-god.Brahma’s symbol is square.

This myth not only tells the past but also foretells the future.And I think that maybe our ancestors came from a perfect world where highest technology turned them to the gods.So long long time pass away,some of them found that nothing interesting anymore in perfect world.So they searched some place to start their new life of high and low in human condition.finally our world was found then they decided and came to live on earth until die.Now most of their sons here dream to the perfect world and want the absolute power of god.Will some day our sons become the gods and finally they hunger for being human?

(or who will think that our world was created by the gods for ‘being human’,a popular game in the god’s country that the player(god) plays ‘to be human’ and cannot remember who he is until the game is over and then he restart a new game.So…are we now playing that game?joke!)

about my entry…
The event when the Brahma leaving his absolute power to become a tiny human.,who’s so weak and able to be hurt and will die some day.
:Brahma=titanic space ship,very beautiful and powerful.the metal will make sense of liveless.
:Human=falling from the ship and releasing himself from his coldsleep or mobile suit or
.(need your help)and taking the first breath and staring at the land below…and I’ll paint him lively and naked
:Background=the chaos things from the myth,7suns,heavy rain,4winds and the dust of earth
I think it will be an interesting scene and sign about destiny of a human in the world that he will meet happiness and lose it at last.

Crits are welcome.


Er… wow.

Very stylish.



Korline-thanks for dropping by.good luck.:smiley:

Slav-thnx a lot.how many updates will be enough for u?:pjoke!

am7-thnks.I’m glad ur like it.cheers.:bounce:

thanx all friends.


love the myth bro! Is it an original myth that came from Thailand? It’s very interesting and i like the Brahma character. About the concept, very interesting colour choices. they are so expressive and i like the composition. It has this gothic, centralize, godly quality to it. Keep it up and yes…more…more…more. :bounce:

(i had too much coffee, that’s why i’m still awake, hehehe :argh: )

cheers my friend


Looks intresting :slight_smile:
looking forward to the next step


moving along steadily~i see u have had ur piece a rough overal comp.nice going xric~:thumbsup:


Hey xric! Sorry for the delay in getting here… hangs head in shame

But now that I’m here, I see you’re going for another spectacular composition. I like the idea of relating the image to the mythology of the Brahma, and then turning the elements of the story into things like ships and humans and the like, i think that’ll make it accessible to the masses. It’s all looking really impressive this far, love the flow of the human form in your first sketch, and all the details on the head of the brahma, maybe you could incorporate some of that in your ship, to make a more obvious connection?

It’s alos really interesting to see your rough works this time round, to give an idea of how you build up to your amazing images. Can’t wait to see how this comes along!



Archie-lol…the origi myth was form India pass Lanka(Sri Lanka or Celon)to Sukhothai(ancient Kingdom of Thailand)The story is in Tribhumigada,a part of Buddhism(Hinayan School)scripture.
Bramah in Hindu myth and Buddhism are diffeerent but their characters in art are similar(has 4 heads or 4 faces)the Hindu has only one Brahma but Buddhism has uncountable Brahmas.The hindu Brahma is male and he has his queen but Buddhism Brahmas are not both m or f.Hindu Brahma can create the universe but Buddhism Brahmas are created by the law of universe.
want to know anythings more about the myth?hehe…:smiley:

Lady Medusa-thanks for dropping by.good luck.cheers.

Michael-Thanks mate.cheers.

Zepyhri-hi,no worry mate,thanks for comment.going to fix the comp,characters and pose soon.to do about the composition and special effect are interesting for me.:drool:

thanks all.
ps.now I’m too busy sure I can’t update for many days.anyway,all crits and comment are usaully welcome.


:thumbsup: Very intriguing concept, will wait for the next steps. Surely this will be spectacular, knowing you previous work.
I’m in the 3D part this time, but I’ll be back to see what you come up with, no doubt!


how many updates :open_mouth: i think i best just stand behind you and wathc you draw :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel the emotion in your piece. Wonderful concept.

a.k.a. t3:buttrock: (shivering with dred)


nice work…cant wait ill u develop it completely…so far it looks promising! cheers!:slight_smile:


wow i really like this the colors are really nice




nice colors, pretty cool texture you have going in there :slight_smile: