Spectacular 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


blaaah maan when are u gonna learn how to draw…cause this just doesnt meet the demands khahaha lol:thumbsup:


wow i love the sketch!! looks great cant wait for more! cheers!!:smiley:


hey buddy… interesting idea… cool man!!!:thumbsup:

I can’t wait to see more…:buttrock:

The master degree projects be with you:twisted:


Hehe, finally some sketches. Looks interesting. I like the angle of the one on the right side. want more… :bounce:

cheers my friend


Yes, you r the man! Nice looking sketches, really nice! I’ll check back soon, holla!:thumbsup:


Nice to see you back. I enjoyed your comments last time and am happy that you stopped by already. Good looking start, I’m sure you’ll do amazing in this challenge.


hey dude, nice concept… will comment more then you start doing the modelling… :thumbsup:


Hello :slight_smile:
Nice sketch and concept !! Knowing what you did last time, I can predict taht it will be a very fantastic work :bounce:
Waiting for the line art




Absolutely beautiful sketches :drool:

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Hey Xric! I like the way you came to the theme of humanity. Will be interesting to see some more concepts! good luck.


hello xric! very nice sketch like always!!:thumbsup: good idea! so exiting to see more of your work! human condition seems to be a good inspiration for you…keep it up and good luck once again!:slight_smile:


when you gonna post something, like to see where this is going :wip:


hi all,
as I told u that I’ll use the myhtology for my concept ‘humanity’.
here is the story.hope u like.
comments are welcome.tia.

In the age of chaos,when there’s no more virtue.the time of Eternity left not much.

No more rain.
and until…the dusk meets the dawn.
no more night.duoble suns walk around the universe.
no more ocean when the 4th sun comes.
the land is burned when seven suns say hello.(all human die since no more rain because lack of crop and water)
the heaven on grand mountain is burned too.so…angel die out.
that’s end of the universe.

Finally the rain falls down.the fire gets wet and dies.the rain drops grow bigger more and more…'till the univers is flood.

The gods(Brahmas)come from his land beyond heaven to find some water-lilly on the grand ocean.

Ultimately,the 4 winds begin to blow the ocean.they blow from the water to the mud,from the mud to the clay.and then the new earth is born.

The pure earth so beauty and fragrant.the gods inspire the fragrance of the new born land from their home and fly to the earth.they decide to leave his absolute power as a Brahma,the neutral god who need no emotion.they taste the soid and become human.then the humanity begins.


xric, this sounds great - pretty curious already how you will realize it visually.



:thumbsup: lookin great!


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thanks everyone.best luck to u.


anticipating still,very curious now~anxiously waiting for the next update!~:scream:those sketches looks good~‘manusa’ as human~we in malaysia call it manusia.sounds quite similar~keep it going xric~i’ll keep an eye on this:thumbsup:


Hi Xric7,

It’s good to see you in the challenge. Great start! Like you I am a big fan of mythology. It opens the mind to so much creativity and imagination! I’m looking forward to seeing how your work evolves.

Regards :thumbsup: ,


Good lookin stuff. Keep on going.


Wonderful sketches and concept - really good work so far :thumbsup: