Spectacular 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


Hey man nice to see you again! I’m expecting some killer work from you:bounce:

It’s going to be a very deep concept I guess, wooh I’m curious! good luck to you mate!


wish I could talk to an angel…


hi all,
pushav-lol.will u know if u saw my face?:smiley: hope u know,mate.:twisted:

Rudeone-killer?who will be cruel like that!nice to see u here.thanks for ur complement.best of luck to u too.cheers.:buttrock:

…about [color=darkorange]my concept…(sorry for thai eng.)[/color]
if there’re some spectaculars,how can I feel them without my life.so I realise that how wonderful life is.and I decided to use the concept of [color=darkorange]“humanity”.from where the human has come to this world?I don’t know but I interesting in mythology.how about u?:blush: so…next time I’ll tell u the thai myths about the fantastic,romantic,thoughtful and humourus event when the humanity began.[/color]

thanks all.
take care


yeh mythology is the best!! hehe

lets see sum art ! no one wants to see ur damn ugly face.




Knowing what you can do with mythology, I can wait to see what you’ll come up with next! :slight_smile:
Plus I’m curious about the thai legend.

Good luck!


i´m looking forward to see your work… good luck xric7 ! !:thumbsup:


Hey, stop posting photos and freakin post some art works, hehe. Poetry sounds interesting, but I’m with NOOBZ on this, need to see art work buddy :twisted:
Hurry, hurry, hurry… :bounce:

cheers bro and goodluck on school projects


haha, xric buddy, you sure learnt how to tease your fanbase! :bounce: don’t let yourself become under pressure, just do what you always do! :smiley: I like the way how you translate the challenge topic. It surely is a different road and could make your entry quite unique but risky as well, but if anyone can manage to arrive at Rome in time, it’s you - the grandmaster of microdetail in macromeanings! :thumbsup:


Just sitting here waiting and waiting twidling thumbs waiting for Xric7 patiently for you to post a sketch. Yawn:wise:! LOL! Nice concept! Hope to see you go through with it!:thumbsup:


my 1st sketch…
the begining of human life.character of the 1st human,who’s falling from beyond heaven.I pose him like an infant.

will up date soon.
crits are welcome.


wish u had found sum ars in in the foto.:wink: hehe.just kidding.:twisted:
thank,noob!.good luck.


hi all,

SoniaNotRed-hi mate,nice to c u again here.will tell the thai story soon because it’s not easy for me about Eng.good luck to u.cheers.:beer:

Maxter-thank a lot,man.gl 2 u too.cheers.

Archie-those fotos meant to me alot,mate.I need to keep the in my thread.hehe.thanks a lot for nice support.cheers.:bounce:

Solothores-ha…all i’ve posted is the way I do to this challenge.sorry if that make u feel bad,:smiley: here is latest sketch.realy.will post update as soon as posible.

“…but if anyone can manage to arrive at Rome in time, it’s you - the grandmaster of microdetail in macromeanings!”

don’t quite get it:argh: .but big thanks anyway for ur support.take care.

beelow-hey,mate.now I have no time to go far from latest sketch above.I’ll plan to finish final composition soon.thanks.and good luck.cheers.:buttrock:

thanks again for feed back,my friend.
take care.:love:


nice sketch, I think it will turn to something great,good luck dude


interesting idea, dude, waiting for more …



hi xric7 thx for dropping by… cool concept man keep brushing :)!


really nice sketch man!


Can’t wait to see more, brother! Great sketches… nice posees. I’m sure it’ll be breathtakingly SPECTACULAR!!! :smiley:

I’ll keep a sharp eye…



Nice sketches. Lol posing like an infant. Lol.:thumbsup:


looking good…will be watching.


hi all,:slight_smile:

Korline-hi,thanks.good luck to u too.

Squibbit-thanks.your stuff is realy cool(the judges)hehe. :argh: :buttrock:

yunisirees-thnx.will try to update soon.good luck.

NOOB!-thnx.waiting for ur update.cheers.

artjunkie-ha^^’ thankz,buddy.will do my best.:blush:

pushav-lol,will tell the story soon.thnx.good luck.

W!L-thanx.wow! new avatar.cool.:cool:

thanks all for always support.
take care.:smiley: