Spectacular 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


Good to see you here :smiley:

Good luck :thumbsup:

What are you gonna come up with??


Any concepts or thoughts already xric? :bounce:


Nice to see you here again! Looking forward to see awesome stuff from u. Good luck!:thumbsup:


hi thitipon! good to see you in here! best of luck and have fun!!!



Come on with da funk! dances to some ungodly 70’s disco Show us da luv, bro! Let’s see what’s brewing in that creative think tank of yours. I DEMAND ARTSY GOODNESS! :smiley:


good to see u dude… now its time to rock this thread!!! good luck!


hey man!! Nice to see you around!:thumbsup:

I challenging you! Are you ready for this challenger?:twisted:
C’mon, what kind of image you’ll make??:beer:



hey, lazy bro, hehehe. will you put something already. the suspence is killing me here :cry: see you around and thanks for checking out my other piece.



Fiolka Alexandre…ha…:beer: thanks mate,

fooxoo-hi,nice to c u too.i’ll come up with my breathe!:wise: hehe.

Solothores-ha…I’ll post it tonight.(in bkk=GMT+7)now it’s 2:50 pm in bkk.

keko-thnks krub and have fun na krub.

dunkelgold-thanks a lot.wish u best.:smiley:
artjunkie-lol.hi,mate.glad to c u here.:bounce:

arkinet-tx u,buddy.best wish.cheers.

Ducklator-lol… now I’m very busy.have to finish 6 projects in october.:cry: so…I can use only a little time to update my fool sketch :arteest:'till 15 october I’ll run my full speed :wink:

Arc80-haha…me sooo lazyyy.1st update will cum tonight.promise!

thank for support,all friends.love u.:love:
best of luck.


cant wait to see what you’re up to…but as usual u make us wait logn and then unleash a storm of great quality upon us!!!..cant wait…:bounce:


Xric7, I am starting to get impatient:argh: , when are u going to post, I hope soon, I am beating my head against the wall to figure you out man,LOL! I hope to see something soon!:smiley:


Hey what are you doing? How are you?






well i see a piece of work by dali and da vinchi in there,so i don’t care what the concept is,i’m sure it will be excellent!!

and u double-posted,oh nooooooooos! lol


C’mon man, I’m in exams… I have hard class like “multivariant analysis” O.o but see… I DON’T CARE!!! I like the challenges… at least, show something of your art:arteest:

Good luck friend:beer:


interesting concept xric, so curious about your process to realisation :applause:


Finally you have posted. Nice concept.
I want to see more.:bounce:


hi all:)
calisto-thnks for complement.I afraid that I’ll make u be disappointed this time.long wait…and fool work:banghead: :arteest: .lol.

beelow-just too busy now.sorry cannot take much time to update.but will try.thanks for checking my thread,mate.

Le-Go-ha…I’m still alive!..and it’s spectacular!:wise:

xric7-hey xric7,move ur ass to ur projects now!

NOOB!-lol…also michaelangello and rodin…:wink:

Ducklator-ha…I can’t leave my master degree projects,mate.be cause I plan to go to Italy next year!so…have to clear all of works in Thailand.by the way I’ll do full speed to this challenge after 15 October.

Solothores-thanks for comment and for always being here.

pushav-thanx,I will try to post update soon.

thanks for all ur support my friend.
take care.:love:


You should put you face in the picture also.