Spectacular 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


Good lucks…


Slav–I don’t quite get about DOF :curious: :blush: :argh: but thanks anyway,mate.cheers.:smiley:

Ducklator–haa.you welcome.I’ll post more stuffs there on my site.more wallpaper and my short comics.but I’m not sure when.anyway no worry about someone asking for you wallpaper.your work is great dude.post it in ur thread to thanks for your supporters.ok.cheers.:buttrock:

eanilduran–thanks.best luck to you too.:beer:


and I’ll be waiting for new stuffs and these comic in your website… All the best my friend:thumbsup:


I had not had the chance to browse through the galleries this time due to many unfortunate circumstances… Save from two entries in the whole thing :frowning:

But I have to say that I was sure it would have been a crime to pass your entry by without taking a glimps. :slight_smile:

All I can say Thitipon is that it looks very truely spectacular! I just hope that the judges agree with me this time :scream:

Best of luck!!! :thumbsup:



:buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:

nuf said :thumbsup:


Ducklator–haha…hi buddy.my fisrt 4-pages-comic was done but it’s Thai version.haha.:twisted:

BlackDidThis–hi mate,thanks for your very nice words.realy appreciate it.:slight_smile:

jugeras–:bounce: …:thumbsup:

thanks everybody for your support.:smiley:
now I curius about next challenge.I bought my 1st wacom tablet today :cool: and will be lack of money for my meals for a month.:banghead::shrug: :stuck_out_tongue: Now try to use it.haha.anyway will show u something soon.
cheers bro.:arteest:


hey dude gonna see u next challenge?

Hope to see u there, I can’t get enough of these contests here, c ya!:thumbsup:


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