Spectacular 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


another beautiful, beautiful, beautiful work from you :love:

concept - image, i´m just speechless… :slight_smile:

best of luck for the contest!


yeehaaa!!! another kick ass…congrats dude!!


lovin your final crazy bro! congrats and best of luck on the finals! u rock! :thumbsup: :scream: :buttrock: :beer:


Khun Dicruen, good luck with the judge… all the best my friend:thumbsup:

will you post your masterpiece as wallpaper:rolleyes: ??


yo Thitipon, this is wicked :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
coloring is beatyful :buttrock:
good luck dude, see you around :twisted:


You really hooked up in this contest, glad u have made buddy, best of luck to ya, in the voting good luck to ya!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:



thierry2005–thanxmate,you did the stunning 3d too.good luck injudging.cheers.


black_hand_77–thanks a lot.

ocada_aki–thanks a lot.you too.cheers.

SoniaNotRed–ha,thanks mate.best luck to you to.cheers.

Atris–thanksa lot.i do love you entry.one of the best in this challenge.hope you win.cheers.

dunkelgold–thanks a lot.cheers.

arkinet–haah,thanks buddy.

Sacha–thanks buddy,cheers.

Ducklator–thankx and good best luck to you too.I’m preparing the wallpaper and will post in my site soon.then i will post the link here.cheers.

beelow–thanks buddy,cheer you too.good luck bro.

thanks everybody and congrats for all challenger who participated the contest.good luck to all.cheers.:beer: :applause: :wip: :bowdown: :thumbsup: :bounce: :buttrock:


hi all,:bounce:
thanks again for your support along the challenge.
ok…Brahamvatar,the wallpaper for you.

for more please visit my personal sitewww.xric7.com



As always, you have succeeded in putting forth a fantastic piece! Congratulations on your accomplishment and best of luck on the judging! Until the next Challenge…



Congratulations, Xric! This is a beautiful and striking image. You have some great colors going on. Good luck in the judging


well, thanks for the new wallpaper:D good luck on the judging my friend…:thumbsup:


Oh noooo… I lost your project man… well… another great picture then… really… very different with that I know of you but very strong, expressive… and beautiful…

…it’s a real pleasure to watch your entry Thitipon. You’re a master :thumbsup:


…en best wishes for the next judging step :buttrock:


TMArtist–thanks a lot,buddy.cya next challenge.cab’t wait…:bounce: :bounce:

zpapageo–thanks.best luck to ypu too.:smiley:

Ducklator–i’m glad you like it.congrats on our final products.best of luck,buddy.:beer:

Lemog–ha…thanks for compliment.realy appriciate it.:blush: congrats on yours too.wish you the best in contest too my friend.cya and can’t wait for the next challenge.cheers.:buttrock: :thumbsup:

thanks all.congratulations and cya next challenge.cheers.:wavey:


wowww…it looks so awesome…:drool: :drool: hmmmm…i’m drooling to much.CHEERES:arteest: :beer:


as I said… thank you my friend… :smiley: :buttrock: good luck again!!!


OrO–thanx mate.cheers.:bounce:

Ducklator–you welcome.but why your moniter is so big!:argh: :surprised :curious: what’s the dimention?


hahaha, do you believe that?:shrug: 1280 x 1024 px; 21" I think… it’s not to big…:smiley:


Ducklator–ok.I just know that there’re 12800x1024 pix monitors in the world:blush: (mine is only 17")
sorry for didn’t post the big enough wallpaper.here the link to my site.Brahmavatar 1280x1024 is now available.:smiley:


i love it. i donno if the DOF works that great but i is mighty pretty :smiley: :arteest: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


lol… funny… :slight_smile: thanks for the new wallpaper friend…:thumbsup: and for the Lilith one…:bowdown:
I’ll work very hard to someday, some one ask me for a wallpaper… ^-^

Keep tuned my friend!!! :arteest: