Spectacular 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


ok.i tried to focus on portrait or figure by using radial blur.
how do you think?crits are welcome.

ps:I’ll finish the brahma’s body,hair and suit soon.
I due to finish tonight.


It is very hard question,I believe you can done both great,is really hard to chooce,I think you should make your own decision,and I will support you:)


Oooh, i think you should go with the Figure!


almost done.
thanks guys for all your support.
much appreciate.
crits are welcome as usual.


Looking good! :thumbsup:

Come on now! Just a bit more to the end! :bounce:


ok.almost done.thanks a lot for all your support.
crits are welcome.


Whoa, Congrats buddy. Stunning work as always. I love the mood of this piece and the colours are great. AWESOME JOB BRO :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :bounce: :applause:

Goodluck and talk to you soon.
cheers :buttrock:


congratz on finishing this work ,it looks really cool and I love the colour and concept very much
,good luck mate:)


How can I feel the love of heaven,
embrace someone with my wings
I can’t be an angel like you.
Still fear the ghost in the night,
go school by bus,
and update by mouse.
But it’s spectacular for me.
Being a human.
To taste
along the way of life up or down.
No matter what…
How wonderful life it could be.

Brahmavatar(Reincarnation of the Brahmas)
from the Buddhism Hinayana Mythology
In the age of chaos,when there’s no more virtue.The time of Eternity left not much.
No more rain.
And until the dusk meets the dawn.
No more night double suns walk around the universe.
No more ocean when the 4th sun comes.
The land is burned when seven suns say hello.
The heaven on grand mountain is burned.So all angel die out.
And that’s the end of Eternity.

Finally the rain falls down.The fire gets wet and disappear.The rain drops grow bigger and bigger.
Finally the universe is flood.

And then The gods(Brahmas)come from his land beyond heaven to find some water-lilly on the grand ocean.
All Brahmas are most beautiful and flawless like the masterpiece of the great sculptor and youthful forever.They are neutral,no male or female,and emotionless,never love or hate.They live so longer more than an eternity.
Brahma’s form is very very huge.His home are so far beyond heaven and the sun light cannot reach there but the Brahma’s land has no night time because the aura of god that always shines brighter than the suns.
Brahma needs no food and can use his god power to fly to everywhere,to see the past and foresee the future and even if to read the thought of each other.The eyes of Brahma can see all around.(So
the image of the Brahma in art always be designed as 4-head-god.Brahma’s symbol is square)

Ultimately,the 4 winds begin to blow the grand ocean.they blow from the water to the mud,from the mud to the clay.and then the new earth is born.

The pure earth so beauty and fragrant.The Brahmas inspire the fragrance of the new born land from their home and fly to the earth.They decide to leave his absolute power as a Brahma,the neutral god who need no emotion.They taste the soil and become human.then the humanity begins.

This myth not only tells the past but also foretells the future.And I think that maybe our ancestors came from a perfect world where highest technology turned them to the gods.So long long time pass away,some of them found that nothing interesting anymore in perfect world.So they searched some place to start their new life of high and low in human condition.finally our world was found then they decided and came to live on earth until die.Now most of their sons here dream to the perfect world and want the absolute power of god.Will some day our sons become the gods and finally they hunger for being human?

(or who will think that our world was created by the gods for ‘being human’,the popular game in the god’s country that the player(god) plays ‘to be human’ and cannot remember who he is until the game is over and then he restart a new game.So…are we now playing that game?joke!)

My Image:
The event when the Brahmas reveal the very long destiny of the universe from the beginning to the end and hey deside to leave their absolute power and become a human.Although they know best to the destiny of a human in the world that will meet happiness and lose it at last.
Brahma=beautiful,powerful and neutral.they’re grey and metallic(lifeless)
Human=mix mail and female appearance.falling from the ship and releasing themself from their powerful Brahma-suit and taking the first breath and staring at the earth.they are red like new borns.
:Background=the chaos things from the myth.the 7 suns,heavy rain,4 storms and the the new born world.it’s colorful scene like the tasts of life.


Me want wallpaper Thitopon… pleeeaaaassseee :blush:
i still can’t find where i can get more info about the mythology. Any advice on where to get them?

WICKED piece my friend. I’ll see you around and talk to you later. :twisted:


Korline–thabks a lot.you are great supporter. :thumbsup:

Michael Chang–congratz on your masterpiece and good luck to you too.c u around.:smiley:

Steve-h,wildcory1,ogar555–thanks for feedback.good luck.:bounce:

SoniaNotRed–haha.thanks buddy.here we go.:arteest:

Archie–yeah,why not?thanks a lot buddy for aways being here.:buttrock: I’ll make Brahmavatar,the wallpaper for you.I’ll mail to you soon.
about the myth,you can seacrh on Tribhumikatha(name of the book) or visit the Buddhism Hinayan School Info Service Center somewhere near your home and ask them about Tribhumi(3 worlds).I’ve one thai version but sure you can’t read it and I can’t translate to you coz my english is very poor:drool: .and if I see English version I’ll tell you more about it.

thanks everybody for your big support.without you I can’t make it like this.deeply appreciate.:love:
love you all.hope to see you around cgtalk and see you the again next challenge:wip: .good luck in judging and Merry Chistmas .Happy new year so:beer: .take care all.:wavey:


really lovely colors and composition, good luck! :slight_smile:


Hey Dicruen, excellent final image!! great colors and theme… I agree with Arc80:)

good luck my friend…!!:thumbsup:


this is the last one.
congratulations to you all.cheers.


MAn I missed alot from the 2D challenge! This picture is stunning :eek: I didn’t realize you had it going on, great work Thitipon!! Hope you’ll be on the podium with it. Good luck and see you another time mate! :thumbsup: :applause:


great work!!! :bounce: :applause: :bounce: :applause: :bounce: :applause: cheers


… concept! And everything! I like it a lot! Good luck with your Brachmanic avatar! :thumbsup:


nice composition, great color

‘Being a Human’
If this Challenge is question. Your answer make me feel spectacular.

Have a wonderful life:)


Great colors!

:bounce: :applause: Congratulations!! :applause: :bounce:

Good luck!


Hi! Excellent work! I really like the composition! Great colors! Congratulations!
Good luck! :slight_smile: