Spectacular 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


looks real nice, i hope you finish it in time



Looks awesome bro. You definately have to finish it. Great colours and i love those flowing vines :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Goodluck in school too.

be back again to witness another masterpiece from Thitipon :smiley:


Incredible speed, man keep it up, looking good so far, I’ll wait for the next update!:thumbsup:


ok.almost done.
I prefer the upper one.feel like I am a brahma.how you think?
crits are welcome.


up up up :smiley:


up ,also down looks not bad either,but I think better use up, if you used down
I think people will turn around and see the up one


I say Up aswell :slight_smile:


UP, up, up. That looks more interesting than down. There’s something special about the up version :smiley:
GO go go buddy :wip: :bounce: :applause: Looking awesome as always.

be back for more spamming :twisted:


hi hi

I do think that the down version has some compositional benefits over the up version, but I don’t think it portrays the mood that the up version does. The down version feels more like falling apart then anything else.


Nice work! I like the down version better. Or you can add water below the image to show the reflection and add some ripples. Nice work!

One more crit, I would use the smudge tool with a rough brush in photoshop set on like 60-70 strength to smooth out the large face a tad bit more.


great man!! i love it!!!
awesome work. looks kinda like a poster, its awesome… ill vote for ya :slight_smile:


great work so far. I like the up one. cheer :thumbsup:

good luck krub:)


the one ontop mate~pushav was right about smoothen out of the brush strokes on the face,after that it’ll make a perfect piece,will be back later:thumbsup:


cool image definitely the top one though…good luck


definately up


thank all for ur great support.finally I decide to keep brahmas’ vision.they eyes will always see the earth higher than the heaven(sky) when they’re falling.
and I try to end this piece soon.how do you think about those normal image and another blur one?what should I go for.personally I prefer the blur coz it’s cool zoom and dinamic.
please let me know how you think.


hey man, :smiley:
like the blur version better, just maybe not as much, only by the edges, love the colors it’s getting there, :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


I think it depends on what you wanna focous on,I will choose the blur version,because you may concentrate on the detail on the face and finish a great work without much time
dont you think so?


For me its the blur…

Good work.


I would go with normal