Spectacular 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


hey man… the time is almost over and you are spending the time studying… hahaha… c’mon buddy!! I want to see your work finished…:thumbsup:


Hi there,

Congratulations, you doing great budy, keep going.
It is looking awesome, I am watching close.

Take care and good luck man, :thumbsup:


Ducklator–yeah,it’s all most time up.I have classes in mon,tue,wed,thu and fri.only 2 hours per a day.so i have enough free time to paint.thanks.cheers.:arteest:

Djampa–thanx my friend.take care and gl 2 u too.:smiley: :bounce:


hi all,how are you?
little update.try to fix compos and add some details foe bg.
what you think?
i’m not sure i can finish in time but i will try.
good luck to you all.cheers.


what’s up,
looking good, great colors, :bounce: :bounce:
one thing that kind of bugs me, is that the feace in the corner is overpowering the whole image, not really sure what you’re going to do, and maybe you just want this way, but I think I would try to add textures to that character so he blends with the background, or maybe a little transparent, but those are strictly my personal opinion :cool:
hopefuly you’ll be able to finish this cause I’d love to see when it’s done :arteest:
cheers :beer:


Whoaa! Amazing! Didn’t know that you’re going paint face close-up on the left… great composition and beautiful colors! :buttrock:


duuudeee…i dig the palette on this one…awesomeee:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


nice dreads.


hurry …this looks great so far :smiley: good luck with time :applause:


looking really good here xric~artisticly done:thumbsup:


love the colorboost, really brave. try find something on the left to ballance and power up the composition :slight_smile: lloking awesome, keep on rocking mate!



Like everyone else, I love your colors! Such adventure. With all of the elements that you have going on (I see at least 3 figures going from foreground to background), just be mindful of your depth of field so that things don’t become flat. In any case, I am confident that a person of your talent will be able to carry this off without much problem. Everyone is waiting to see your next update and the evolution of your latest creation. Keep up the great work my friend!!:buttrock:



hi all,thanks a lot for great support.much appriciate.:love:
-I will go with big portait tand will show the detail of hi-tech brahma suit slowly ruining around him.
-the bg is in oval shape to sign the movement of time from the world was built and destroyed.
-the brahma’s ship and suit were grey to sign the neutrality.
I’ll update soon.cheers all.:buttrock:

ps:my little site is now on line.:wip:


the colour is really attractive,and turns more exciting,please hury up I do wanna see more and more hee hee:)


Very dynamic! :thumbsup:


Hi xric7

Seeing you are progressing again! Nice work here, will be a pleasure to see what it will look like later :thumbsup: ----> but mate: Your website features some fantastic work!! I especially love your sculptures! They are amazing. wow. :eek:


PS: There are some deadlinks on:


ujuuuuu, great simply great. waiting the final version


it’s sounds good what you trying to accomplish, hopefuly you’ll make it :bounce:
hey just went through your site, that’s some pretty cool stuff you’ve got there :thumbsup:
love the Parichata, there are some broken links thou, :cool:
seeya :twisted:


not much update.still try to fix the composition.how you think?I think this is time to paint all detail before it too late^^’
crits are welcome.cheers.


thanks everybody.love u all.lot things too do.can’t write much.to day i have a class.
ps:solo and Korline–that’s my bad intention.:stuck_out_tongue: i love it like that.it’s awesome for to me.haha.thanks.