Spectacular 2D Entry: Thitipon Dicruen


Beautiful updates!
Keep them coming! :wip:


We will…We will cheer you.:wip: Nice concept nice color. See you again naja.:slight_smile:


Pretty cool looking sketch!
Keep it up.


that’s very nice, great sketch :applause:
hope to see this all together, keep it up, see you later :cool:


finally I desided to flip the sky down and turn the earth above (left).to show the vision of the falling Brahmas.for me it has good meaning and interesting view.
the rigth one is an example to show you the landscape i painted before rotate180 it later.
how you think?
crits are welcome.thanks.


Although the one on the right is clearer at depicting a fall, you probably should rotate more the brahma (feet a bit more to the left) because his pose seems strange for someone falling - it looked more natural on the left version.


TMArtist–haha.I anxious too.I’m not sure how will I turn it out.I still edited and edited and edited…so…now need your crits.thanks,mate :beer:

Linda,SoniaNotRed,pushav,Korline–thanks for your support.not much time left.let’s burn them.cheers.:arteest:

ocada_aki–kob kun mak mak krub.:slight_smile:

thanks you everybody.[color=red]My site was done.Ill upload it soon.:wip: [/color]


Hey, this is a really interesting image,and really wanna see more ,I can imagine how good it can be after checked ur past works!! good luck to :slight_smile: you !


I realy like the vertical one (right one) :applause:
seems more interesting, and visualy holds better together, that’s what I think at least :cool:
it’s a great pic, hopefuly you’ll have enough time. cheers :thumbsup:


Not much update.I tried to select colours.How you thinks?
crits are welcome.thanks.


nothing much to say. loooking really:beer: good. cheers.

rock n roll - fast


glad to see you back in! great skill as always! good luck krub!


looks absolutly beautifull!!!:drool: :drool: :drool:


I love the vibrant colours and the energy in your painting. Beautiful.

I am really looking forward to seeing the finished product


Looking AWESOME buddy :thumbsup: :thumbsup: No critzs for now. The head on the foreground is definately working well. I like that depth exagguration that you are having here.

Keep it coming and be back again to spam :twisted:


Colors seem to be working well, good luck, xric7! Until the next update!


wow,interesting used of purple and yellow~its quite a refreshing blend here.nice going xric!more~~:thumbsup:


I really enjoy the colors in your work! they alwasy seem to bring a great effect in my mind. I feel very serene, yet alive with this palette, it’s like having a nice rest after a hard’s day work! Lovely! I also admire the way you sketch! it’s very organized :bowdown:


Michael Chang–thanks.good luck to you too.:slight_smile:

Korline–ha,however I love the horizon more than another one.I hope you will like it when it’s finished.it’d be the best image I’ve done but not sure if I had enough time.:deal:

jugeras–thanks for stop by.cheers.

monsitj–kohb khun krub.goodluck to you too.

Linda–thanx.see u around.cheers.


Archie–haha.I have nothing exaggurate.:pthanks,buddy.cheers bros.


sh@ke–there are 4 colors I like most violet,gold,red and white.:wise:

oz haver–thanks for compliment.realy appreciate.:blush: cheers.:wip:

thanks all for support.much appreciate.
next to do:cool:
-my web site(coming soon)
-watching harry 4
-waiting for the promiss(most interesting)
-paint landscape contain pure earth,7 suns,burning paradise,heaviest rain,most powerful strom.
-paint brahma space ship
-paint human(falling brahma)'s face and his/her brahma suit
-andpaint the 100,000 brahmas fall down.


Nice color choices there. :slight_smile: Just keep your digital brushes busy! :thumbsup: