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Latest Update: Final Image: Flinch…?


just saw the challenge yesterday
and now i got a concept

a native american trying to get hold of an arrow which almost has reached him

do not know whether i can finish in time

anyway, am going to try


Finished sketching just now

have 2 start coloring


shall get back with some details


Some more coloring …

got 2 go

lot of work remains…


I hope you’ll make it… little time had left… Paint like craaaazy :scream::bounce::arteest:


almost thru

i think i’ll make it…




Wappos, the men from the sunrise were Great warriors.

Sequoya, the Bravest and the swiftest of all, was popular among the Wappos

Unlike the others, Sequoya was a great inventor. He made bows from Great Oak, Arrows of which he tipped with Whalebones.

He devised wooden traps to catch Salmons, coming upstream
in Spring…

He spoke to birds, traveled far lands, and hunted wild buffalos…

He led a contented Life with a perfect family, a loving wife and an adorable son.

He played with his son Motega, teaching him all that he knew…

Little did he know that all this while, Condo was Scheming, Plotting… Condo Hated Sequoya

… "Some Day… " "Some Day… "

The dreaded Day …

A well-planed Ambush was executed
Sequoya s wife fell for the Treachery, taking in her heart, the arrow aimed at Sequoya

His heart sank, with his World… his wife.

a sudden surge pulled him up… his son Motega…

He realized that he has to face the Enemity of the heartless Horde.

His only defense being his hands…

The arrow… which he had crafted with his own hands, now ready to pierce his heart

He stood up against it…

Would his defenses hold…

Would he FLINCH?

Every man is powered by his desperation.

the SPECTACULAR Power to perform deeds that he never imagined in his lifetime…

deeds that are SPECTACULAR…


i made it thru

just uploaded the tiff and the final image

thanks a lot for the encouragement

urs was the only post to my thread

we’ll meet later

thanks again

Sivaprasad Velayudhan


i wud like to know where i stand regarding my work

this was done in 20 hours

i saw the challenge very late

will be really happy to receive comments from artists like you all.


Sivaprasad Velayudhan


will be really happy to receive comments from artists like you all.

sorry, wizard, after 3 months straight of giving people constructive criticism on their pieces at every step of the way, everyone here is pretty much all done and moved on. It’s a nice piece, but next time around, try to give yourself time to enter earlier in the process. Then a lot more people will be around to give you helpful feedback to make your piece better.
See you next time!



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