Spectacular 2D Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


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u show 'em baron! haha , have fun dude



yeeeh barons back baby!


Greetings ye eager challengers. No idea what I am going to do for this challenge. At first I thought Spectacular could mean almost anything, but thinking about it, it is maybe not that open-ended, especially when you figure in the Iconic bit. Here are a few 5-minute thumbs I did whilst pondering this conundrum. Just thoughts, really.

Anyway, good luck to everyone.

(I keep getting SQL errors on submit, so please bear with me whilst I try again…)

Just found that it will not submit if you include any single / double quotes in the comments field, hence my weird grammar! :slight_smile: Hope that is fixed soon.


i luv 3 and 4 man!


Cool!! I like 1 2 and 4. good luck hope all goes well with ur ideas! :smiley:


Oh no Where Doomed D:


Good luck :wink:


Thanks, people, loads more thumbs to come :slight_smile: The more I think about this theme, the more difficult it appears.


my my,all of them looks really nice,the colors for each of it are nicely schemed~i prefer the 1st 4:)


wow, i love the colors ure using, its amazing… looking foward this thread… good luck


You’re too fast! :stuck_out_tongue: But out of these, I like 5th best. There’s just something about those colors, ya know?


I love the colours on those thumbs. Pictures 1, 3 and 4 look really nice. Can’t wait to see what your final concept will be like.


i think u shud make ur pic out of 2 3 and 4 man! those are best!


Good luck:thumbsup:


Hello Simon! :slight_smile: Fab thumbnails! Heck of a lot of energy going on in them. I remember from the M and S challenge you saying you don’t like to spend too long on an image… three months this time!!


The Baron’s on the case! :smiley:

Ehm… I’ll join in when I’ve thought of something interesting… :wink:

I will of course keep an eye on your thread!


Fantastic Thumbnails, Simon.

The more I think about this theme, the more difficult it appears.

I know what you mean!!

And it’s great to see you back for another challenge!


I like 4 and 6 ! Good Luck for the next steps :wink:


i can’t really tell what is going on in your thumbnails but I like the colors in number 4. Also, are you really going to go with a square?


i really like the first, and await the next stages