Spectacular 2D Entry: Sergey Skachkov


I would like to see one of those characters in the foreground, that is enjoying the ride on those bubbles. This way it would very dynamic I think! That is my 2 cents, it is starting to look really good!:thumbsup:


Hi , This is Voytek. I like your composition. The colours are great, lights too. Good luck.


The most important thing in this competition, i think, is the idea. And yours is great.
The only point i can mention is that everything looks a bit too red.
in your first concepts the separation between the foreground
middle- and background was more obvious. i’m looking forward to see the
final result.


:scream: breathtaking…wow…cooolll…:drool: :drool:


I agree with the above post to put a person on a bubble closer to the foreground so we can have a better look. :slight_smile:


Didnt know you’ve got these bubble things in the picture, I was surprised coz it looks really magical. I think you’ve got a problem with expressing that the children are playing in the scene. There isnt enough movement and energy in the scene to show that there’s something playful about the environment. Perhaps, add more bubbles and bring them closer to each other, and draw children actually playing tag jumping off from bubble to bubble.


Thank you! Yes, that’s true. At first the characters were more dark in my image! And in that case they disappear against a background of the city. Now I’m looking for a compromise here.

I’ve thought strongly about your advice! I will try to experiment with it, because I see some conflict between the bubbles and the city. I was thinking to solve this problem with light of the city and more active lighting of some bubbles. Thank you very much for your comment! :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s a good idea! I like it better and better! But, at first I was afraid of hiding with a character a big part of the city. Now I am not sure that I have enough time for it. If I manage I’ll try to add a character with great emotions in the foreground. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support! I’m glad to hear it from you! :slight_smile:

Thank you! I understand you thought! I like the first concept too! Now I’m working on the city and I amend the color solution. I really hope we (you and me :slight_smile: ) will like a result! :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your opinion! Yes, I thought about it! I had an idea to show some unusual game on these bubbles. And I wanted to show a key moment in the foreground and to add many emotional tans. I think it would be great! But unfortunately, this good idea came too late. And now it is not much time!


great update … i really like the way this one is going… it should be a very strong piece of work.


Greate image! Crazy detailes! :slight_smile: Greate job you did here!


My goodness, this is awesome. It is HUGE and fabulous with so much detail. I love the colours and lighting and structures and sense of depth. :thumbsup:


This is an excellent piece of work, your creativity is awesome. I agree that it would be even better if we could see one of the children up close enough to see the joy on their face. This painting is truly magnificent!:applause:


Slav, Bobber, Lync!
Thanks a lot for dropping in and for the kind words! I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! Yeah, I’m thinking about it! :slight_smile:


Hey Atris, I want see more, where is next update :slight_smile:

I have question: In How big resolution is your picture?
Because, you have there fantastic details and created in short time. :thumbsup:


sergey …stop!! there’s too much detail u mad…:applause:
go! go!
i’m jokin…ther’s never ennuff
great work !congrats!


Wow! Sergey, your piece is realy amazed me! such a gracefull and detailed work! Now there’s at least 2 great works from our homeland! I mean yours and HamsterFly’s You guys make me proud! Cheers! :beer:


Thats is’ cool…i like the air spheres…great idea…
I want for the final…

Congratz for this work…excelent.



My image’s resolution is 5120x3830. My comp refuse to work with more high resolution.
I’m going to update tomorrow.

Thanks for your support!
I would be glad to stop… But I needed to stop on time when I did my first sketch for this challenge! :slight_smile:

antTON, Luks!
Thanks a lot! I’m very glad you like it! :slight_smile:



:eek: Wow this looks so beautifull dude really. This scene has lot of depth in it. Nice concept, Very nice details. Great job.:thumbsup:


wow, I think I’ve found my favorite piece of the challenge. Truly befits the word “spectacular”. (and “original”, “enchanting”, “creative”, awe-inspiring", etc.)


madshooter, Pat Piper!
Thank you very much!
Your kind words give me strength and inspirit! :slight_smile: