Spectacular 2D Entry: Sergey Skachkov


Cool ! poses are great !

Especially I like two guys pulling a rope :thumbsup:


(o)ne, HamsterFly!
Thank you for the support! I’m glad you like it! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your comment! Yes, I think too. These black lines must not be in the final image.

Thank you! I really hope for it!

Thanks! You are right! It took long! But there is a lot of work ahead of me!


:bounce: Hey Sergey - these characters are looking great

you’ve obviously been putting the hours in - and the results are well worth it. Definitely one of the best and most original concepts in the challenge so far

Looking forward to the next post… :applause: :drool:


Good characters! People try to be kept on spheres … good course.
With them it will be valid similar for the city filled by a life. Really fantastic city. All of them will get in a picture?


Thank you so much! I’m glad to hear that from you!

Sergey Banityuk!
Thanks for your comment! Yes, I’ll plan to put all of them and maybe some more additional small figures in the image! :slight_smile:


really your character work is great…such variety and precision…i can’t wait to see the final image:deal:


Nice update keep up the good work


Great! It’s really a great illustration! You have cool ideas and amazing technique!


Loving your characters, keep it up!:applause:


Great! It’s really great work!


What a fantastic entry! The characters are all full of personality and the concept rocks - very special, congrats :thumbsup:


Oro, wildcory1, medunecer, beelow, gpashkov, Gunnila!
Thank you very much! Your comments give me strength! :slight_smile:


It’s one fragment of the background.


Very good image. I have two crits; I think it needs more contrast and a bit color variation between front building and bg to have more depth sense.


I love the saturation of your work. It’s different from the rest of the entries. I agree about the depth thing from Aritz. By the way, Aritz isn’t your cousin or anything is he? :stuck_out_tongue: Keep it up!


Thanks for your comment! You are right! I see. And I’ll correct it in the next stage of my work.

Thank you very much! Hmmm… Let me think!.. I guess, yes, he is! All people are brothers! !


Nice update. Great detail. Good luck


Great, some gloomy, super.


wildcory1, Egor!
Thank you for your encouragement! :slight_smile:

Now I’m working on second fragment of the background and I’m going to update soon.


Atris ur work is one of my favorites here.So many nice details and coloring.Great piece.