Spectacular 2D Entry: Sergey Skachkov


Awesome :eek:

I love your idea & the fairy mood you created :love:

Great work so far :thumbsup:


I am loving the colour and light you have created. The characters are looking good too.


Hi! i didn’t post yet, though your image is one of my favorite! great idea, composition and color choices. i won’t talk about the details stage… good on you !:scream:


Great pice of art!!

But the girl balance feels wrong. I think her outer (left) fot should be turned
more downwards the sphere, maybe 20 degrees or so…


Nomad, Lync, Massillia!
Thanks a lot for your kind commentaries!

I agree with you. I’ll correct it! Thank you.


well drawn, mate! So are you gonna weld this with the other image?
I like the characters…the lonely one bugs me with something, perhaps the pose…the couple are very plastic, very nice looking…keep going.



Yes, these characters are for my image. Thanks for your comment.

Now I’m working on details of the crater-city. And I’m going to update soon.


Hi! I love Your work!
Great progress:bounce: !
Good luck


I have started to work in detail the main Crater City.


This is what i love most about your work on this challenge… your LINE ART! Its freaking beautiful! I think your main problem will be to make the detail of your coloring keep up with your lineart… If you manage to make your coloring compare with your lineart this is going to be amazing! I hope you succeed!



Thanks for your comment! Yeah, it’s no easy task. That will take some doing! But I will try to do! :slight_smile:


It’s a detail of the crater city in color.


Wow !!! it’s simply AMAZING ! excellent colours !:thumbsup:


Looking good!


Wonderful colors! If i ever get rich ill have you make me a house like that… Too bad that will never happend :P… Keep doing what you are doing, its working!


Simply gorgeous…


WOW WOW WOWWWWW!! nothing to say more!! beautiful work Atris!! good luck man!!:eek:


Great work…reminds me of Moebius…


privet! that’s a really great concept right here. too bad its soo far behind alot of the other great concepts i will definatly look for this one when its done. kind of reminds me of an artist i cannot remember the name of right now… but man i like!


Hi Sergey

I´ve been following this thread thinking hard to come up with something to crit. But since I can´t find anything all I can do is to pay you my respect.
This is allready looking amazing and I can´t even imagine how this will look when it´s complete!
Good work!