Spectacular 2D Entry: Sergey Skachkov


I agree,

so I suggest you to present your painting to the finished section, it would be cool that you get a CGchoice award.


nice finish…I like the way your city are build and the atmosphere of the whole image…congs


This is probably the best art I have ever seen at CG Talk for real man. I’ll see you in the next one.


Hey Sergey:thumbsup: , agree with Arctis. You should present your work in the finished section. A choice award for sure!!:smiley:


It is one of works which should borrow prize-winning places, in my opinion. It is very a pity that it has not occured.

Hi Sergey:)
I agree with Sergey Banityuk. Your thread was one of my favourites in this challenge.
And one else: i agree with Arctis and Gonzalo. You should post in finished :buttrock:.

By the way :beer: awsome entry!


Sergey Banityuk,
Pat Piper,
Gonzalo Golpe,

Thank you very much for your kind words! I really appreciate it! I wish all of you every success and good luck in all next challenges! :slight_smile:


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