Spectacular 2D Entry: Sergey Skachkov


Really wonderful. The detail, the color, depth, great stuff! Congratulations and good luck! :thumbsup:


Very good,Sergey!!:thumbsup: Love the depth of your image.Good luck!


:thumbsup: :drool: Really turned out truly Spectacular Sergey

Amazing amount of depth and space - and love the characters and detail.

Really love this and I’m sure you’ll do well in the judging…good luck… :applause: :slight_smile:


Simply great picture! :drool: Amazing job Sergey.

Good luck in voting! :beer:


bravo sergey you did-it !! congrats lot of work on this masterpiece!and it’s a success !a very spectacular good luck for the voting!:argh:


This is beyond the amazingness of gorgeousty (when one lacks words, barbarisms do the job well :wink: ). You really have put a lot of details in there, but it doesn’t contradict the depth and the atmosphere. I think that your idea sticks to the subject closely and has good chances on the voting. Congrats :clap: :clap: :clap:


The magnificent ending!.. One of the most my favourite here! :thumbsup:


Hi Sergey!
The amount of details in this image is amazing! Definately a favorite of mine for this challenge! Another pleasant suprise in the final is that you seem to be almost as good at characterwork as you are on architecture… Simply spectacular!

Congrats on finishing and good luck with the judging!


this is really cool…good luck


fantastic image!!!


Hi Sergey,

beautiful work you´ve done here. The colors look gorgeous and the topic is very original.

  • good luck, dude.




Really pleasant environment, color and perspective!
Great work! Details on sphere are beautifull.
Good luck!


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Thank you very much! You said me so many kind words! :slight_smile: I really appreaciate it! I wish you every success and good luck ! :slight_smile:


well this is prolly 1/2 pick for me man. wonderful job on it. nothing more to say aside that

maybe good luck … but i am sure you wont need it.


It looks fantastic! And spectacular!

Congratulations and good luck in the judging!


:eek: :thumbsup: super!

Its veri well work! Fantastik!
Good Lack!



Realy great work!!!
Good Luck! :thumbsup:


Excellent work! Well done !:bowdown:


Gosh, that’s just beautiful, Sergey. REally nice work. Seeing this makes me want to read through your whole thread all over again. Great work, congrats!



Hi Sergey, amazing work here, i loved. The concept, colors… everything looks to me wonderful. CONGRATULATIONS and i wish good luck to you :applause: :applause: