Spectacular 2D Entry: Sergey Skachkov


I’m really loving the texture on that ball! :slight_smile:

The rest of the pic is great too - keep at it!


hey man, this is coming along pretty good, awsome detail, :bounce:
love your ligth, and sence of depth :thumbsup:
cheers :twisted:


well… just no words… This is No. 1 No Doubt! I only hope that you’ll get the piece done right in time!


tevih, Sergey Banityuk, walrus, LexLe, Avatarist, Bobber, andreasrocha, Xillion, weedlog, Mythmaker, Korline, antTON!

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it! I wish all of you every success in the challenge! :slight_smile:


This’s a Final Coloring.


first time in your thread! just to say that your work is totally incredible , the level of detail , color , emotion, etc , are the top! can’t imagine how many hour of work you put in this image ! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Dope ass entry, good luck in winning this contest, I hope you get placed, with this entry well deserved, finish and rest, buddy. On my end I just gotta finish details and I will be done, I am cutting it close though! Again, best of Luck!:eek: :thumbsup:


This is a really cool image, awesome concept too


It is an another’s planet. The Crater City. This city has arisen from a fiery lava spouting out of the ground. Strange
constructions of the city grow and develop in itself. But their functionality and forms are programmed by scientists. They feed on the fiery lava. Eventually they harden and take
unusual bionic shapes. People lodge here to use energy of a lava for own needs. And their children search for exciting
and dangerous entertainments for themselves. They jump from a
bubble to another and soar from depths of the city to its tops. They risk very much, they can fall in a fire-spitting
precipice at any moment. But force of danger and adventures is very great. And they do it again and again.


congrats man
I enjoyed watching you progress and detail this piece to a crazy level.
looks awsome !


Congratulations! - It’s Spectacular! :smiley:


congrats on finishing this masterpiece! Simply amazing!


Our imagination’s such a wonderful thing aint it? :scream: Congrats on this awesome piece! :thumbsup:


Congratz on finishing such great work,this entertainment is really Spectacular.and looks fun


Wonderful piece, Segey. On the top list! I wish you best of luck…


great work :bowdown:


Amazingly bizzare entertainment in the future decade…hehe

Congrat! U had done~~ something out of my mind. Simply awesome!


You know its funny, I had a vision of this image turning out this good, and look here we are, great stuff, stunning work good luck with this entry!:drool: :arteest: :bowdown: :wavey:


Awesome! Both of the idea and the final piece are GREAT! Good luck to you~


This has to be some of the best art I have ever seen unreal. I wish you the best of luck with the judging. You would have my #1 vote. Good luck