Spectacular 2D Entry: Sergey Skachkov


Waaah! Hey kid stop waving! you’re gonna fall off!


wow, it’s a beautiful rendering! Is he someone close to you?

Just a note, watch out for his right leg tho, as the perspective is off a bit. Even though I like the rendering of the kid a lot and it really shows off your great technique, I’m not sure if it’s the right style for your image, as it is a bit too realistic.

Anyway, I have to see the image as a whole again to judge, but it’s gonna be your call. Your style is just simply awesome. I always see a lot of artists doing very super detailed work, but end up not having a very personal style, but yours is just distinctive and I guess, could be called a “Sergey’s”.


I not sure i did replied in ur thread b4. Anyway, i am definetely sure i am checkin on ur thread almost everyday since last week. I jst got nth useful to put in ur thread.

Undefineable details-level… Top-notch quality work…(ok, i knw u get bored wif these un-creative praising oredi.)

i am so much loving ur Realistic boy character coloring skill…
Somehow, i felt the modern outfit kids might not merge the creepy, unique bizzare metropolis u had built. (One typical phrase, ‘Maybe just me~!’)

how bout a little bizzare costume on them too? Hmmm… u should already think over me first. Something in space suit might comes out the 3D shark kid & lava gal, right huh?!..haha…
Ok…I had persuade myself on this matter now.


What can I say?
It is really cool ,I really like your original design of the envirments and is amazing that your character is nice detail with nice colouring, Yes it can be a dangerous game and spectacular indeed.
but I have a suggetion, The design of the character seems not really match with the fantasy background, Actaully I was expecting you will got a fantasy like design…but anyway Maybe thats what you mean to make it special anyway I do love your work!
Good luck dude:wip:


Outstanding work Sergey,

the details and the texturing are impressive!
Wish you a lot of fun in the finishing line.




I love this entry! So surreal and dreamy.

But perfectly painted. Although, should the boy have some more hints of red light coming up from below…?

Super duper piece. Good luck!


[size=2][size=2]Details impress! Very big work!)



Hey Sergey! :smiley:

You are crazy man! This looks great, character is fantastic great details as always. :thumbsup:


very nice work! i just found it and it looks really spectacular! :thumbsup: :love:

can´t wait to see the final image! good luck and all the best!


The child’s facial expression is so realistic and successfull.go on man. :applause:


patina, MrFreeman, Voytek, the1st_angel, HamsterFly, beelow, Fahrija, Nikolay, rawwad, dunkelgold, duddlebug, ogar555, yumurcak!

Thank you very much for your comments and remarks! Your very kind words give strength in this final stage! I wish all of you good luck too! :slight_smile:

Pat Piper!
If I manage I correct his right leg definitely!
Thanks a lot for your comment!:slight_smile: Good luck! :slight_smile:

dinodog_Jr, Michael Chang!
At first I wanted to do some unusual, bizzare costumes for kids. But it seemed to me that the sense of the reality of the happening go at all. And I decided to choose the real clothes. Thank you very much! Good luck! :slight_smile:


Oh wow!! Way to go! This is looking awesome! I love the expression and pose! :smiley:


Sergey, cool! Excellent work - one of the best in this competition!
Good luck !


That last boy you posted is wonderful, Sergey! Great emotion and expression (not to mention lighting, cloth, etcetera.) Can’t wait to see him all put into the finished piece. Good luck!



Fantastic color and idea(concept)
Very good work!


This has been a top-5 entry for me ever since the start… can’t wait to see the finished piece. Well done Sergey - thanks for all the WIPs :slight_smile:


Greate character! I feel this environment! Good luck & waiting for Final!:thumbsup:


Damn fine work! Wonderful technique! Congrats…


Holy cow!!!..This is the finest I’ve seen so far!!!


Very realistic lighting and nice idea. Good work.