Spectacular 2D Entry: Sergey Skachkov


Hello! Here is nothing new. I’ve done a correction of the colors and contrast. And I’ve worked at details of the Crater City. All these details are just small devourers of time! :slight_smile:


Hey, It looks spectacular now! :bowdown:


That you must have great machine, I have bad comp, but he is my very good friend :smiley:
look at this: my poor comp


The amount of detail work on this one is worth an award! I hope you get to finish! :thumbsup:


I really like this one. it’s a bit creepy and definitely alien! a bit hell-ish too i might add. awesome work man, love your style.

Good luck


Hi Atris!

You make great job here, I wish you success in challenge.
IMHO you have a very good chance of placing very high:buttrock: .
I love Your work:bounce: Goog Luck.


Insane man !
but you stil got more than 10 days, so DONT stop detailing :slight_smile:
there are NEVER enaugh details :eek:

keep going :bounce: :bounce:

btw, when ya finish, I’d love to go through that 5k version and checkout every little minor detail ya put in :smiley:


Thanks! Yeah, it’s a pity that our friends-comps become out of date too quickly.

Jose Pardo!
Thank you! I hope so! :slight_smile:

It will be more creepier at night! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Thank you for the comment! I wish you success too! :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree with you.
And please, WELCOME! :slight_smile:


I love all the detail. Great image.


hehe… amaizing details and Im still in love of ur story that pic is telling it. nothing more to say. :slight_smile: just keep going with the good work!


This is looking amazing. I wish I can paint like you


Looks great. What a sport, bubble riding? Haha. You must have a lot of patience to be able to paint scenery like that.
Great stuff!


Novacaine, NinjaASSN, wildcory1, SquishMe!
Thank you very much for encouragement! It’s importantly for me! :slight_smile:


:applause: Just gets better and better!!

Really looking forward to seeing the finished work…not long to go now

:slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Another planet!i always like this idea.your work is very interesting,especially volcano concept.be brave my friend.good luck!!


Hi, your work is getting better and better. Good style. Good luck.


Hi Atris
no real crits, looking forward to the finished art,
your thoughts before I warp up my final image


I decided to follow advice about the character who has great emotions. I put him in the foreground. Here the boy is! The flying on the bubble makes the boy happy. And… he even waves hello to all viewers, to all of you! :slight_smile:


absolutely awesome work on the light and rendering, love the character design, the boy really looks happy and most alive! keep up the great work mate, your work kicks ass!


Thats simply Great ! your work keep going better… and this character is so live ! i impressed:thumbsup:


Yes, simply great indeed, love the expression of the child good luck, atris, with a wonderful image!:thumbsup: