Spectacular 2D Entry: Sergey Skachkov


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Latest Update: Final Image: Dangerous entertainments


This is my idea.
It is an another’s planet. The Crater city. This city has arisen from a fiery lava spouting out of the ground. Strange
constructions of the city grow and develop in itself. But their functionality and forms are programmed by scientists. They feed on the fiery lava. Eventually they harden and take
unusual bionic shapes. People lodge here to use energy of a lava for own needs. And their children search for exciting
and dangerous entertainments for themselves. They jump from a
bubble to another and soar from depths of the city to its tops. They risk very much, they can fall in a fire-spitting
precipice at any moment. But force of danger and adventures is very great. And they do it again and again.


The next step.


wow great idea! I really love the angle in this. nice colouring too, I’m looking forward to seeing how this developes :slight_smile:

Good luck!


thats a bloody goo idea there mate… you ahve got the idea! and the pic works really well… although i would try and centre on some of the children while they are jumping to show emotions.


Looks really good… i like the color…
looking forward to see how this does progresses.

Good luck!


I like the feelling of depth and hight of your drawing. you are very imaginative. I’ll keep an eye to your work. It look really cool!

Good luck!


Really nice, man! I love the sketch and love the idea, Very original! Maybe have more children around, to help with the strength of the adventure, and probably a kid in the forground pointing out to those bubbles with excitement to bring the viewer into the adventure, in other words include the viewer! Make it inviting, really hip idea so far!:thumbsup:


enialadam, W!L, Darksuit, cyberarts, beelow!!

Thank you for the warm support and flattering impressions. It help me very much in my work. I hope I won’t dissapoint you. I wish all of you the best of luck too!!!


I assign a main emotional part to the environment and the risky action. I think the emotion of the little girl will be at variance with emotions of a spectator.


It’s a good idea. I’ll do it without fail. Now I’m choosing between two variants. First, it’s only one personage or second variant, it’s a lot of kids on different bubbles, making different actions???


very beautiful colors and fantastical world. I love your composition but think it could be even stronger if you “zoomed out” and showed more of the dark red piece… more curves and dymnamics?


very solid man, the composition color and pretty much everything, impresing,
good luck :bounce:


Korline, thanks a lot!
birdbear, thank you for your advice. I’m working with it now. I try to find a more impressive point of view and a format of composition (horizontal or vertical).


Great depth of field! I like your concept sketch. The color is also good. Good luck!


Very cool concept, like the strong feel of depth! :slight_smile:
Hope to see more soon… :thumbsup: Keep it up.


I changed a visual angle a little.


This’s the second variant. I like the horizontal arranging of the sheet a little more. But the vertical orientation permit to put many more elements. And it looks more dynamic. Please, let me know what do you think about it? Which of them is better? Thanks in advance.


We’ve seen a lot of cool looking citys before, but I really like your unique architecture!


this worx a lot for me. much more depth. cheers