Spectacular 2D Entry: Sean J


Wow, this is awsome, these pieces have some strange feeling about them, Baginski’s “Cathedral” comes to my mind when looking at these pics. Can’t wait to see the final image!


that one is such a powerful image… it left me at an awe.

i am just wondering what one you pick as you final concept :stuck_out_tongue:


angwa_falmar: Thanks a lot~ I’ve thought about an organic city growing eternally.

Slav: Thanks! I’m also curious about that. I feel I’m walking in the fog.I hope I could find a good idea ASAP.


The water city with irregular spiral architecture.


very nice
love the depth of your last post


I think this is one of the best entries I’ve seen, color is just right, love ur perspective
it creates this emptyness, wich is scary, :bounce:
one thing if those are birds they are spread to evenly, just to symerical
but I love your ideas :love:
cheers :thumbsup:


It’s the ruined city on the misty canyon. Now it has the foreground and background. I’ll add something in the middle soon.


THE CLYKE, Korline
Thanks a lot!


This city is on an icecap. That’s why I chose blue tone. I put a spiky architecture in the middle. It’s from my previous concept paint 05_4.


I changed the tone and added some clouds.


hi there,
not sure which colors I like better, the second one is colder I think,
I like the character in this, but I think that if you put some dim lights here and there, you could get more contrast, and make it more beliveable, not sure but I would give it a try,
great job :applause:
cheers :twisted:


yup - agree with korline. a bit more color to the foreground might give it a bit more depth.

the purplish piece has more depth because of the darker tones in the foreground - i think.

hello jarek. cheers man. :thumbsup:


I added the sun light. It’s not finished yet but the tone will be changed little bit.


Korline and jugeras:
I appreciate your advice. It’s really helpful.


Foreground zoom


The middle part


I joined Spectacular challenge after I read a story “The Immortal” written by Jorge Luis Borges.
It’s about a man trying to find the river whose water grant immortality.
I chose a scene, the city of the Immortals, from the story but this final image is not just same with the text.
I changed it looks like sci-fi.

The Immortals can live forever so they can do everything. Some of them may think that man can rise as a god. So their architecture contains that idea. With this concept, I painted a growing organic city. I took the form from a murex little bit because it’s kind of a spiral. It’s a symbol of the natural shape of growth and the advance of the soul toward eternal life.

< Final Image>
A guy stands on the ruined architecture and looks up the abandoned city. The city is on the misty valley. It deforms its shape to organic thing emitting energy.


Hi! The idea is very interesting! In my view you managed to convey the atmosphere of the fear and lonelines! The really great atmosphere! Congratulations! Good luck in the next stage of the challenge! :slight_smile:


Hi Atris~ thanks for your comment


hey Sean
great imagination, stuff like that is not easy to visualize, and not to turn in to a cliche, I really admire that :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
bealiful art with the cool story behind it :buttrock:
good luck to you :thumbsup:
see you around, cheers,
Jarek :twisted: