Spectacular 2D Entry: Sean J


Awesome sketches man!:thumbsup:


Korline, tarrzan, Tonsen and Tyrus_88
Thanks guys~
Great work all


interesting structure design u’ve got here~very nice overall~u’ll got all the depth as well~i’ll keep up with ur thread :slight_smile:


Your talent is incredibly inspirational. Keep it up.



Very good drawing! I like “concept_painting_03” very much! It’s great idea! “Concept_painting_04” is very great too! But it seems to me that the composition looks a little flat. Good luck!!


that is really nice. i dont know how i didnt find this before. but i really like the way this is growing man. sweet job. :slight_smile:


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Thanks for your comments.:slight_smile:
Recently I couldn’t upload anything 'cause I’ve been lazy but I’ll do it soon!


A unit of the city






I tried to design the city looks like something organic shape.
There’s a main structure in the middle of flying buttresses. I took the form from a murex little bit for that.
Murexes have a lot of long horns on its surface. I changed them as bridges.
As you see this, you can feel the same mood of the bridge painting I draw before.


Hi Sean J. WOW… COOL work. I can’t wait to see more.
I’ll follow close your work.

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Thanks~ 2xbo


the sky looks great


Well…My theme is City of the Immortals. So far I’ve asked myself, “What kind of form can symbolize immortality?” The Immortals can live forever so they can do everything. Some of them may think that man can rise as a god. So their architecture contains that idea.
I’ve wanted to make a growing organic city. The spiral is the natural shape of growth. It’s a symbol of the advance of the soul toward eternal life. The universe and human conscience itself form a continuum and dynamic that can be rightly expressed in a spiral.

Here’s a quick sketch for a spiral structure.


wildcory1, thanks for your comment.




City of the air and water


Really like your style Sean, lots of good ideas here.



Thanks, Steve-h

Here’s the one I took the middle part from Concept painting_05_3 and painted on it.