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Hi there~
Well,this is the first time to enter CGtalk challenge for me.

I choose a story “The Immortal” written by Jorge Luis Borges becuase it’s spectacular!

I want to chage the mood of the scene in the story to something like sci-fi.

Here is an idea sketch.

Ultimately, I gonna make an environment but you could also see some character sketches before that.

I would appreciate your advice and comments.



It’s a quick sketch for a battle scene in undergroung of the desert between Augyls and humans.






I never reat the story, you may want to explain it more, But good sketches so far, and good luck to ya, holla!:thumbsup:


Thanks beelow :slight_smile:

Here’s a summary of [The Immortal]. The original story is full of exciting events.

My final goal will be The City of the Immortals.

[color=white][font=바탕](A.D. 3C) One night Marcus Flaminus Rufus, military tribune of one of Rome’s legions, met an exhausted and bloody man from the east. He told Marcus about the secret river whose water grant immortality and the city of the immortals
…and then he died. Marcus marched to find the river. During the marching, his troops planed mutiny but he escaped and continued his search alone. Before succumbing to death himself, he drank dark water and fell over where troglodytes live.

Miraculously, he could alive and he found a secret city. He went into a giant circular chamber: rooms of nine doors each, with eight of them leading backwards, and only one leading deeper into the maze.

After a countless number of rooms, he finally found his way out of the labyrinth into an even more perplexing city of mystery. He convinced that this is the kingdom constructed by the immortals, although it is abandoned. The city was older than mankind, than the earth. It abounded in dead-end corridors, high unattainable windows, portentous doors which led to a cell or pit, incredible inverted stairways whose steps and balustrades hung downwards.

He came out from the city of immortals spending a lot of time. As he escaped from there he found a troglodyte had waited him. He decided to try to make contact with him, and to teach him a couple of basic words. However the troglodyte couldn’t speak and understand human languages. Marcus named him Argos, the dog of Ulysses.

Several years later, without any warning, Argos told Macus that he was the author of Odyssey, Homer. Marcus realized that Homer (Argos) and his fellow troglodytes, and even Marcus himself, were the immortals.

After time, Marcus left there to search for the river that removes immortality.
(4th Oct 1921) Eventually, he succeeded, and he died with a satisfaction



This is the gate of the city of the Immortals. (front and side views)


I made this gate with card boards for composition.


Here’s WIP using the card model.
Waterfall surrounds the bridge and the gate. Marcus(the hero in the story) escaped from a huge labyrinth at the back of the falls. You can see a small hall in the middle of it.


It’s a part of the city.


The gate


It’s the same WIP with Concept painting_02.


dude those are mind blowing, some sweet compositions,
your light is right on, maybe little more movement and it’s perfect,
love this stuff :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Thanks a lot Korline~


The side view of bridges


Each narrow road comes out of the abandoned sculptures spine.
You can see a man stands on its knee.


I see, coming with some more creepy spooky out of the mind stuff
just keep on going man, now this is creative

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Sean, your style is incredible man, very inspiring! good luck!!


Hey Sean!

Your ghostly sketch of the character, and the Concept_02 are just wonderful! I’m very much looking forward to your progress.