Spectacular 2D Entry: Schepacz Yohann


Schepacz Yohann is entered in the “Spectacular Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Coloring WIP: Around the corner



here is my idea for the challenge, i maybe the only one capable of reading this sketch but it’s not very important for now. it’s just composition sketch.

See ya



i just understand how to upload officially ^^ sorry look down


hi, here it come the final composition version before i started colors research, all elements are not definitive but i’m satisfied for now…

More about the picture: i started this challenge late because i hardly think the ideas and it appears that the most spectacular image for me are movie posters or book covers, so i started my work in this way. I want here to show different parts of a story in order to catch public attention with spectacular stunt , mysterious characters and, because i don’t find better for now, a naked lady ^^

I’m not sure of typographyc elements…

I hope you will like it.
I return to work because time is running out…

sorry for my english


i work actively today on the colors, damn the level here is so hard, i must stop looking at the others challengers’ entry if i want to finish mine.

Great job every one! Congratulations ^^


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