Spectacular 2D Entry: Raineiro Cobos


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Latest Update: Coloring WIP: first coloring


Sorry for those ones who come to see something, i’m too busy but i have some draws that i made and i hope upload them soon.
thanks for your patience.


at last i sumbit something.


those are the sketches of the idea in wich i work,the idea comes to me in a dream and this dream was … Spectacular :slight_smile:


i think is an interesting idea in the image with one bird the bird looks normal but when you compare with the plane looks really huge i think you must still with this idea good work


before make the outlines, i want to make a color proof to see the mood of the composition, an also test the depth of field for figured it out how approach the depth when coloring


nice idea… keep it up, I’ll wait for new updates!:thumbsup:


is my first aproach to the line, there are things that i must to fix in this draw.
Duckaltor, thanks for your reply.
I was unplugged for this world i need to find my mojo again ^_^, and could give more continuity to this challenge


I like the idea. When I scroll down the image with my mouse, i didn’t aspect it! So surprising! Just one question: did you think to make a mix between the first and the second sketch? Anyway great work!


Nice concept and composition. I’m just a bit confused by the long sticks coming out of the birds’ wings and tails.


Thanks for your comment, you give me an idea about the scrolling, is an interesting way to reveal te illust, about the mix i don’t figured it out the possibility but i’ll keep them in mind.
Yeah! it’s a little weird but as i explain in my concept was a dream that i have, and want to respect the details that appears in them.


Great! Which kind of software do you use for this challenge?


Cool concept Is-boset! I really like the angle too.

Good luck.


Thanks, i use painter, the sketches was pencil and paper.
Thanks for your comment, i’m always interesed in weird angles. The first thing in wich i think before draw is what angle the composition sholud have.


Talking about angles, I think I prefer the angles in your concept sketch A the best. I like the extra detail in the pilot.

Great concept though. Good luck!


I was studing the big birds (i love them) wing and found some mistakes in my concept, i have a slow progress cuase i’m working in other projects, but there are always time for paint, i try to refine the pose of the principal “bird” cause i think is more agresive, and more natural when it hunt, i appreciate your replys about this.
Also i modify a little the “tails” concept, so i just leave three tails for bird, and i have an idea for the name: Wings vs. Wings.
Lync: Thanks for your reply sorry for the late answer, i agree with the likeness for detail you make me think again in the first sketch, maybe integrate the joystick part.


now the birds look better still so good work


I was seduced by the idea to show the joystick (thanks Lync), so i decide enlarge vertically the canvas size for work in that area.
nkdksk Thanks fella for your reply, i hope you also like this new version


Great idea! Maybe two hands are too much…did you try using just the left one in the scene ? I mean, you could use juste the hand on the joystick in the middle.


i’m very busy, and i am afraid about time, i wish have enough time for dedicate to this work, anyways i promess to myself finish those at all cost… without sacriface the quality obviuosly.
So back into the draw i decide to enlarge a bit more the canvas vertically, and also making the change that medunecer suggest me, an also move the far bird to the top, for fill the clear space in the top, i think the proportions isn’t the standart format but i belive the illustration idea deserve it.
so again medunecer thanks for your advice, i’m sorry if my feedback are slow but i appreciate all your C&C, and always y take them under consideration.