Spectacular 2D Entry: Radu B Boeru


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Latest Update: Coloring WIP: The-End-colouring options


Currently I work on 2 computers: one at work, one at my home; that’s why I’m not yet able to submit some of my early stages of my work. They’ll come… soon. “The end” is a reference to a possible world where man meets doom and destruction and changes his appearance into something hideous but tough, in order to survive the final confrontation. “The end” is a full Photoshop CS drawing. No preliminary sketches, no internet or photo pictures, nothing but Photoshop CS (without plug-ins or additional stuff). Now, I hope there’s a challenge! Worktime (till now): 8-10 h.


Why?! Why you people don’t say something about my work!


Hey there… No you’re not alone,
I think you’ve done a great job! Good use of color on this piece and well executed lighting… :slight_smile: Good luck on this challenge! :thumbsup:


i guess people would love to see some progress, the concept sketches and the coloring wip’s.we have plenty of time,so i think its best to do it slowly,get some feedback from the community and they can be very helpful:)what u have got here looks very nice though.:scream:





Thank you for your encouragement and I wish you good luck at this challenge too!

By the way, great works you got on CG. Keep it up!


I made a mistake. A gross one. First I thought that the end of this challenge is the 5th of October (doesn’t it sound like December?!?!?), then I hurried the process (given the fact that I created the character at work, during coffee breaks and afterhours), so I flattened most of the layers and sent it into challenge. Bad mistake. I will try to sketch it in pen and paper because I also have a bad habit: I work directly with the computer. And I’ll add some details too.

Anyway, Thanx for your appreciation and good luck!


Thanx, man! Good luck to you too!


…and you need to complete all milestones otherwise it wouldn’t be accepted, so start all over again buddy you got plenty of time :slight_smile:
Your work looks great BTW


Hey, looking good :slight_smile: nice work so far, I look forward to seeing some more concepts from you.

Great idea too! :thumbsup:


Could I start over and post the “milestones” of my work in time order after I posted my work as final? I would do that but you gotta help me with that problem with a little info. Could you tell me if I can reload my work as new and how?


[QUOTE=enialadam]Hey, looking good :slight_smile: nice work so far, I look forward to seeing some more concepts from you.

Great idea too! :thumbsup:

Thank you, man! Good luck to you too! It’s really cool when you receive some good feedbacks from your forum mates! Thanx again!


Salutare, boerule. Foarte fain ce ai facut tu aici. Final image deja, marfa. Mult succes!


Well it would be kinda weird if you would post your concepts, line-art, color WIP and final coloring after you submitted your final image, I do think it would be possible cause you allready submitted a final image and that seemed to work.
But my advice would be to start all over with new work, you could keep the same concept tho, but make sure you upload trough all milestones and in the following order: concept sketch, line-art, coloring WIP, final coloring, final image.

I’m not really sure how things would work if you allready posted your final and didn’t post any of the other milestones, but you could ask Mibus in the FAQ thread here: link and explain you made a mistake, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a big problem.


Merci, merci. Bine ca nu sunt singurul “istiuropianfromzicantriavdrachiula” de pe CGTalk.


bafta multa omule!! asta chiar arata spectaculos :thumbsup: eu mai am mult de lucru…:sad:


Merci, merci, merci!
Merci, merci, merci!
Merci, merci, merci!


I found some of my sketches using Norton UnErase Wizard but I also found that I may not post them on CGTalk, while I already posted my final image . this is called in Romanian “tzeapa”, meaning “cruel irony”. If you can help me find the sollution to post some of my early stages of my work, please do! THX!


I got it. Will follow more!