Spectacular 2D Entry: Pierre Droal


-giocele : thanks, man !
-gardogg : yes, the occasion was too good to miss it. :wink:
-KITTNLITTER : cool you like it !

Good luck to you, and thanks for stopping by :wink:


This a very powerfull illustration.I love the pure energy given by that accentuated perspective, and the links between the two characters.

Ca va être terrible une fois complétement fini!

Can’t wait it to be finished!


looking better and better. i didnt know where you where going with it at 1st but its really good to see you confirming my hopes and obliterating my doubts. you get a :thumbsup: from me :slight_smile: keep going man its a great image.


this is very, very beautiful !


Cheers man, this is much different from your usual work. Great!


WOW! Well, you are a one! You do with the space what you want! Complicated, spatial compositions always make a powerful impression on me. Keep it up! Good luck! :slight_smile:


Nice one! you spoted on with your composition! all the elements fit and work well all together to get a really dynamic piece. The water is also nicely treated. Goood stuff!


Here’s my final coloring version.
I’ve added yellow, green and blue to the bottom, in order to have a richer color scheme. It’s subtile, even more if our screen isn’t configured the same, i’m afraid… :wink:


I really like the way it turned out. The colors are amazing.


-kemar : merci !
-Slav : yes, my sketches use to be quite rough, cause that’s not the part I prefer… thanks !
-maurodelia, DaniloR : thanks, cool you find it different :wink:
-Atris, Massillia, Koekebakker : glad you like it !

cheers !


looks stunning, would love to see some of that light underneath making it’s way through the top of the waves, would add another dimension, that’s about the only thing i can add apart from dropping my jaw


Here’s my final entry.

I’ve added a radial blur on the chaman, to strengthen the impression of action.
I also added a global stone texture, to give some grain to the scene.



Beautiful and very special painting Pierre, congratulation for this entry. Sorry I missed the development of this one, seems you’ve been very fast. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :bounce: All my best to you for the judging!:beer:


Incredible work!!!

I love it!:buttrock:


This picture if one of my favorite of the challenge; Surely because it’s the most biezarre one.
Nice job.:thumbsup:


Wow Pierre… thats quite a striking image. I love the stylised approach, and the subtle texture in it. The faces and expressions are really well captured, and the way you’ve done the sea as her hair is gorgeous. Lovely colour pallette too. Bravo!


Wow Pierre! Really very nice final! :drool: I really like the ‘classic art style’ of it, and the idea behind the piece of art! Its just pure art! :arteest: And also something cool: you finished your piece a veeery long time before the deadline! :bowdown:(you don’t have to stress :wink: )

I wish you the best for the voting, and lots of fun in future projects!


Hi, Pierre, a beautiful painting full with poetries as usual and the
harmony of colors are very subtle, good luck
E.T :cool:


Very interesting work! Magnificent style.:slight_smile:


Interesting piece, like the way you handled the composition, I admire that, good luck!:thumbsup: