Spectacular 2D Entry: Pierre Droal


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Hi all,

Here’s a little sketch of an idea I recently got :
I wanted to paint a city from a personnal project, and I thought it would be fun to show it like if it was a nightmare in which the dreamer is falling.

Cheers, and good luck to all of you !


Oooh! Arctis is playing! Hi Pierre! Nice sketches… Knowing your lovely rendering style this’ll be special!


Thanx, Aly, and good luck to you too ! :wink:


Hey Pierre,

a warm weclome, dude. Good to see you joining the challenge at last.
Didn´t forget your GSO thread. Good luck for the challenge.



Hah I have that dream every now and then, my bed or something else I’m in suddenly taking of in the sky with tremendous speed then falling down back to earth cause it flips upside down resulting in me jumping up soaked up in sweat, I do kinda like that feeling tho, quite a rush lol.

Anyways, great concept, cool sketch!
I’ll make sure to keep my eyes on this one, good luck!


I remember, your GSO and am waiting to see what you do for this challenge, good luck to ya holla!:thumbsup:


Thanks, peeps ! Cool welcome.

I’m afraid it will be a bit difficult to complete the challenge this time, but who knows…

Good luck to all !


Good luck at the challenge :D:D:D Make up something nice!


Thanks, Fooxoo, and good luck to you too. :wink:


that idea could be great… hope you do manage to fin as i love your work. Keep em coming


Hi all of you,

Thanks again for the encouragements.

Unfortunatly, I haven’t time - and motivation - to continue my previous concept, so I decide to retry with a picture I have to do for a book project I’m currently working on.

The picture is a scene taken from a tale from Greenland. Here’s the story : One year, a tribe had nothing to hunt -therefore nothing to eat -. So The chaman of the tribe decide to meet the Mother of the ocean. When He found her, she was so afraid of him, that he had to catch and immobilize her, before she listen to him. Once calmed down, she said that the arrogance of men disgusted her, so she decide not to give them any more food. But she changed her mind when the chaman promissed her to warn his fellows about their wrong attitude.

The Mother of the ocean is described as a tall woman, with one hand cut, and whose hair is the ocean.

This particular scene, here, is the moment when the chaman catch the frightened goddess.

I hope this quick sketch is enough understandable for the moment :wink:



And here’s the lineart.


Stunning drawing dude!



Here’s my first coloring step. I’ve painted shadows in deep black, put it on “Multiply” mode, then made a first colored ambience under it, on another layer.
Later, I’ll melt colors and black on a new layer placed above.
I took this method from Alex Ross’s process, which consist to paint first in black & white, then color it.
The advantage is to obtain a more contrasted image, to my opinion.
PS : The white edges are just here to define the volumes hidden by the black areas. It’s a separate layer that will be removed once the color process is over.

Thanx for your kind words, Xillion !



Hey, I liked the sketch of the nightmare thing (quite original I think) but your other piece is great as well. Very dynamic. Make the colors a little lighter, specially on the characters I suggest, to make them really stand out.


Here’s the second step of the coloring (first of 5-6 steps)
If the picture appears too dark, it’s because I’m working on a very bright screen, in order to see the maximum of mistakes. I’ll add some light at the end.


awesome scene! great work with colors and shadows, keep up with that :thumbsup:



Another step of the coloring : refining the characters with a thiner brush (the sea hasn’t changed, except the background)


wow! looks great, it’s really starting to take a shape.
looking forward for the finished work :thumbsup: