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welcome to the challenge, buddy :thumbsup:



haha… i haven’t even submitted a concept sketch and your way ahead of me squibbit! :smiley: thats very nice of you! all things considered, I’m quite glad for that since i felt i really dropped the ball on the GSO thingy…

here’s to me finishing this one fo’ shizzle!


Spectacular: Spectacle. Of having the quality of spectacle. Begin at the beginning.

Well. Here’s to marketing. For the last little while i’ve been stuck listening to Market Research groups about how pharmecutical companies can come up with a better angle on selling X drug, or Company X can sell X beverage/coffee product/dog food or whatever. I was even (un)lucky enough to have the privelage of working on strategy for a bank.

all of which has entirely informed the bitter tone of this project i am submitting… alot of the initial concept sketches were done as i was watching market research go down in focus group… which is kind of funny.

“Spectacular” as a key phrase has always been at the forefront of the way media sells… especially in recent years.

And of course, advertising companies utilize “spectacular” all the time… give the company the right press, the right spin and the product will either offend an entire demographic of users, or sell rubber balls like hotcakes.

“This movie was SPECTACULAR.”
“Spectacular dishwashing fluid.”
“Event of the speCTACULAR.”

One thing that everyone and their mother in advertising knows for sure is that if you can’t legitiately persuade the public into buying your product (eg; McDonalds, even though they’re trying, can never convince people they sell a legitimately “good” product), you can most certainly SCARE them into doing it…

“Feeling flabby? buy this new fat reduced product”

“Its not very forward thinking to put your money into a sock… invest in
the future… invest in our bank”

Well… take all of that, and then think about how fat reduced products are made mostly of chemically garbage…how enron stole millions and pulled the wool over the eyes of an entire market and made a shambles of banking in general… and also how banks just in general tend to put money into their own pockets and not give back to your community in any socially proactive way AT ALL…

So of course, what your average person will realize is that scaring people into listening is a very effective way of selling even the most useless product… you can get almost any message across if you scare people into listening.

This entry is a tribute to fear. Or perhaps more of a reminder of fear and its modern use. What is strange is the fact that the language of fear has become so commonplace that, everyone in every industry has forgotten the responsibility that each and every one of us HAS in trying to communicate messages to one another… fear the message of fear… don’t use it to sell some stupid cola or drug or whatever…


colour+changearm… add shiny red button… will probably make that button pop out quite a bit more later… mb shorten the arm a bit… then have media and or swat teams moving in on our nuclear threat of a friend…


Another awesome interpretation. Inspirational as well as educational. Thanks for participating and sharing your knowledge.

La’Dene Bean


colouring wip seems to be going relatively quickly this time around… guess i’m a bit more experienced from the last two challenges. [haha… sometimes its just a matter of keeping interest in the project]

I’ve been bothered about the background/lackthereof. I have an idea of what i want but figure i’ll get around to it when it feels right to do so…

anyway… off to a housewarming.


fleshing out the arms a bit more… unfortunately haven’t been putting more than an hour or half an hour into this lately… just got a new job (yay!) doing graphix for a software company!

guess this is a weekend thing now



guns/swat team added

little mic for the camera crue.
I need to find a way to make the camera pop out a bit more obviously…

most of the stuff in here right now is place holder… i’ll play with the colours later…


fleshing out background…

need to put more artifacts or flesh out the camera a bit more… getting to a point now too where the terrorist character can be fleshed out some more as well…

i’m definitely sure i want to differentiate the swat teams weapons from the camera based on colour… we’ll see how that works out…

also feeling the red in the background is a bit intense but i want to clean up some details before addressing it… anyway totally chugging along now…


should’ve submitted a line art before i had continued working… oh well whatever…


still chugging… need to darken hands a bit in areas and flesh out mr terrorist but getting there…


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