Spectacular 2D Entry: Panu Uomala


All this time you were posting so much ideas and finally made one of them in a few days :scream:. Cool… cha cha… I really respect your drawing skills cause you’r the fastest artist I’ve ever saw. I’m just trying to image what would you do if youl’d REALLY found the one you liked from the begining… :bounce: .
Anyway best of luck and see you next time !


me and my avatar…

wish you hips of good luck… :bounce:
but I still think the wrong team got the goal…
hejja[color=royalblue] Sverige…[/color] :stuck_out_tongue:



Been ages since I’ve trawled this here place…yes sir…and I must say I like it!

It gets the paperclip seal of approval! I like the ‘bergkvist’ in the background, hehe. Wouldn’t it be amazing indeed if finland beat sweden cause we all know that the finnish are the best…

…at the small talk. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Once more, congrats on the finished work! :thumbsup:


Nice work! hahah, I see the Canadian jersey up in the stands, of course you know they will be on the ice too. :wink: Good luck at the olympics… oh and in the contest. cheers.


You are so fast! This is great! Congratulations for finishing :bounce:

The details are impressive!


Hey squibbit. What happened to you man? You suddenly just went kapoot. Anyway, awesome job on your piece man, fast work.


Nice to see you have finished, best of luck to you, how many paintings did you get out of this??? Anyways good luck dude!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hi! It’s looking great! Very good job! Congratulations! Good luck! :slight_smile:


lol, funny and unexpected final piece! thanks for all the laughs, love your concepts:applause:
best of luck on the finals :slight_smile:


Haha… very quick Squibbit and also rather silly.

I would wish you good luck but i see you’ve gone for some subtle judge flattery… i hope you’ve not missed any out…?

You add a big chunk of fun to these challenges, and i can’t wait to see your interpretation of whatever theme we get given in the springtime.

You’re a very silly man.

And that’s a compliment.



Oh, man! Very nice pic! I love hockey :smiley: Look like book ilustration, very ood, keep it! :thumbsup: and Good luck! :applause:


sergioKomic : Linda who? [b]

ShortWave : [/b][color=White]Thanks , dude[/color][b]

enialadam : [/b]Thank You, Lady Madalaine bows[b] :smiley:

dunkelgold : [/b]Hey there, my little wave of inspiration[color=White]! [/color][color=White]surfs[/color][b]

Crying Horn : [/b][color=White]Yea it’s always like this… Maybe next time a bit different?[/color][b] :rolleyes:

makaron : [/b]“hips of good luck” eh? sweet…

paperclip :
[color=White]Thanks, could I have a graphical presentation of the seal?
…how did you spell that name again?[b]

soapy : [/b]Yea couldn’t forget Canada from a hockey pic, now could I ?[b] :smiley:

Lync : [/b]Thanks[b]

ahbeejieh : [/b]kapoot? yea happens more often than you’d guess, I have a
habit of coming back, though[b] :slight_smile:

beelow : [/b]u know, concept wise it was quite an alright challenge :thumbsup: . Been
wondering if i should start doing something with the challenge leftover
concepts some day…

Atris :
thanks, dude[b]

the1st_angel : [/b]good luck to u too[b]

duddlebug : [/b]yea actually i might have left a couple of them go, but i’m a nice guy so… [b]

rawwad : [/b]hey and Slovakian hockey being among the best of the world you’re
not having a shortage of good games to watch there[b] :thumbsup:

Thank You again, everybody



sorry, I meant heaps… :eek: not hips… :rolleyes: haha…


congratulations on your final image.very cool stuff.best luck in contest.cheers.:bounce: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :buttrock:


heh youre goooooood! :scream:


grats crazy guy! and thx for all the laughs here :applause::smiley:

i hope youll be in the next challenge as well … i dont want them without you anymore :love:


great final image… good luck mate…:thumbsup:


I must say… the ideas you showed us in this thread coud filled up small gallery :] Im gonna keep my eye on you dude :] Till the next time :thumbsup:


Great piece Squib! Love the action and colors. The moment is very well expressed! Bravo!:beer: Thanks for stopping by and helping me out too!


love hockey, man, it’s very cool :bounce: :bounce:
good luck :thumbsup:
cheers :twisted: